Sidney Powell is FAR from Done, Releases EXPLOSIVE Announcement

Sidney Powell is not giving up on fighting election fraud and releases an explosive announcement. 

Powell Makes Huge Announcement

Independent Attorney Sidney Powell gave a very rousing interview where she gave a detailed account of some of the evidence she’s gathered which shows election fraud. The fiery attorney gave the announcement when she released a 270 summary of her extensive investigation.

“So for 5 states on election night is absolutely unprecedented,” she explained. “And they did it because the vote count for the Electoral College was about to hit 270 for President Trump.”


Evidence Shows that Trump Won

Powell gave a bombshell claim that President Donald Trump won the election hands down, but Democrats used tools to falsely show Joe Biden had won. She said that foreign meddling, electronic manipulation of votes and corrupt poll-watchers were all responsible for this.

“The flipping of votes by Dominion is even advertised on their ability to do that, to run a fraction, to make a Biden vote count 1.26% and a Trump vote to only count 0.74%,” the attorney continued in her announcement. “They done it in other foreign countries, they’ve done it in this country.”

listen to the interview: 

 Powell continued to explain that the mass voter fraud that took place was so widespread because President Trump received an extremely high number of votes which broke down the Dominion algorithm.

Powell has been fighting hard against mass corruption that swept through the 2020 presidential election and despite big push back from Democrats, she continues to shed light on fraud.

Dominion Corruption Exposed

Dominion voting systems have been used to manipulate votes and make it appear that Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden, has won the election. However, huge amounts of evidence show that is not true.

The announcement that Powell has made, is just another example of how Democrats have tried to steal the election. Now it is time to see if the evidence will help restore justice or if the left will get away with the most substantial voter fraud case in history.

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