Democrats Losing Vital Demographic Ahead of Midterms

With the midterms only months away, Democrats are facing a rebellion from a crucial demographic. Hispanic voters are increasingly disillusioned with the Democrats and with President Joe Biden as they, like most Americans, struggle with rising prices and see no likelihood of improvement from the policies being discussed in Congress and the White House. Many of them now say that they will not be voting for Democrats this November if nothing improves.

Demographic problem looms for Democrats

It’s no secret that the Democrats have been losing their grip on Hispanics in recent years; Republican presidential candidates have been taking increasingly large shares of the demographic for the last decade.

In 2022 there is a chance that they could devastate Democrat chances of maintaining majorities in the House and Senate, something the party is already struggling with.

Like the general population, Hispanic voters are turning away from the Democrats as they look to the midterms primarily because of inflation and President Biden, two inescapable problems for the party.

Biden’s support among Hispanics is lower than any other demographic in the country, with one recent poll finding that only 26% approve of his performance.

Hispanic voters may not necessarily blame Biden and his party for the economic situation, but they have little confidence in their ability to find a solution to the crisis.

As a result of this, many are now willing to at least give Republicans a chance if they can show that they are a more competent alternative.

Willing to give the GOP a chance

That shouldn’t be too hard for the GOP. Prices are expected to keep climbing and the Democrats have no apparent plan to address the problem beyond optimistically hoping that it might go away soon.

Republicans may not have an entirely coherent plan either, but as the opposition party they have the luxury of being the default option for any voters who think that a change is needed.

The fact that so many of them are willing to entertain another option at all is great news for the Republicans and a slowly unfolding catastrophe for the Democrats.

Hispanics are a demographic that Democrats have come to take for granted, and that has left much of the party detached from what Latino voters are really concerned about.

As the party moves left on social issues, they lose touch with those who are more worried about food and gas prices.

Traditional loyalty to the Democrats will not be worth sustaining in the future if Hispanic voters continue to feel that the Republicans might be able to offer a more healthy economy.

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