Biden’s Latest Remark Has Left The Public STUNNED

After a briefing in Fort Myers, Florida on the aftermath of Hurricane Ian, President Joe Biden stunned onlookers and viewers nationwide when he turned to Fort Myers’ Mayor Ray Murphy after taking a few questions from the media.

Biden regarded the Mayor and told him “You were raised the same way I was,” Murphy replied, “I was, I was.”

Biden continued, “No one f***s with a Biden.”

Mayor Murphy, seemingly taken aback by Biden’s profanity replied in kind, “Goddamn right,” the mayor said.

Biden added a curious phrase after with no explanation, “And you can’t argue with your brothers outside the house,” he said.

“That’s exactly right,” the mayor replied.

Was Biden allegorically referring to a show of unity with the Republican Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis? Or like so many of the seventy-nine-year-old Democrat’s asides and anecdotes will this one also go unremarked and unexplained by the White House?

Biden told Floridians that he could relate to their loss after his home was struck by lightning in 2004 according to The New York  Post. “I know from experience, how much anxiety and fear and concern are [among] the people,” Biden said. “We didn’t lose our home, but lightning struck and we lost an awful lot of it about 15 years ago”

“We had relatives nearby. It wasn’t like everything was wiped out,” he continued. “But we know the feeling, that feeling about, ‘Where am I going to put my head down on a pillow tonight? How’s that gonna work? Is my kid gonna be okay? Is he be able to go back to school? Am I gonna be able to rebuild my home?’”

However, it became clear quickly that Biden’s goal in his remarks was to characterize the Hurricane in the terms of ‘climate change.’ At two points in his remarks, he revealed his intent as he tone-deafly stood in the debris of Hurricane Ian and lamented other disasters across the nation.

Early on he said, “I’ve been to a lot of disaster areas in the last couple months — last six months. You know, more fires have burned in the West, in the Southwest, burned everything right to the ground than the entire state of New Jersey, the — as much room as that takes up,” according to White House transcripts.

“And the reservoirs out west are down to almost zero. We’re in a situation where the Colorado River looks more like a stream. And there’s a lot going on,” he continued.

“And I think the one thing this has finally ended is a discussion about whether or not there’s climate change and we should do something about it.”

He later credited DeSantis for his actions following the storm but again inserted his ‘climate change’ agenda.

Biden said, “What the governor has done is pretty remarkable, so far.  I mean, this is — what he’s done.”

Continuing, “In terms of — you know, it’s — you know, first of all, the biggest thing the governor has done and so many others have done — they’ve recognized there’s a thing called global warming.  The world is changing.  It’s changing.”

It would seem after this poorly received set of remarks in Fort Myers, “No one f***s with a Biden,” except of course Biden himself.

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