Democrat Leaders Past Comes Back to Screw Everything Up for the Party

At the worst possible moment for Democrat progressives, a pair of Nancy Pelosi’s tweets came back to haunt her. The squeeze is on radical liberals as the deadline for their plot to take over the world ticks down to less than 48 hours remaining. They need to wrap a debt ceiling increase into their massive barrel of pork and pass it unilaterally or it explodes all over them. Centrist DINOs aren’t making it any easier.

Democrat shutdown looming

Just as it looks like the radical Democrat faction is about to force a government shutdown, a 2018 tweet surfaced to bite Nancy Pelosi on her assets.

She didn’t pull any punches when the Speaker of the House blamed “Republicans for the government shutdown because they controlled both Houses of Congress and the White House.” The shoe is on the other foot now and she’s the one responsible.

January 18, 2018 became an infamous day in history when Pelosi tapped out, this “is the first time in recent memory that a government shutdown has been possible when one party — one party — has controlled the White House, House, & Senate. The Republicans own that. Do your job.”

Everyone is asking Pelosi if she will do her job, now that she’s the one responsible. There is no doubt that the Democrat party is firmly in charge of the House, Senate and Imperial Palace.

The Democrat agenda is stalled like an old car at a red light, and blocking all the other congressional traffic as well. Pelosi has nothing to say except praise for Joe Biden and the palace.

At least that’s what it sounds like. Folks are wondering if she’s been drinking again. “We’re so fortunate that he did not win for President before when he ran, because we needed him now. He’s perfect for now.”

Hand of friendship

Biden, the Democrat diva asserts, “knows his foreign policy, he was Chair of the Foreign Policy Committee. He extends a hand of friendship to friends and foe alike.” Yep, he sure does, the Taliban agree.

“He knows, and is known, by most leaders in the world.” Especially in Kabul, where they call that the understatement of the century.

The second time Pelosi tweeted before considering the consequences, the top Democrat threatened “the government could be ‘closed forever’ because of her opposition to the President’s border wall.” She was babbling at reporters in December of 2018.

There was no way Nancy Pelosi was going to let Donald Trump drag “one dime” out of her for his wall. Now we have the liberal paradise of wide open borders and a steadily increasing invasion of illegals. Yet, she wants more money. A whole lot more money.

Back then, the federal government did shut down and nobody seemed to miss it much. “The federal government effectively shut down December 22nd” after the radical Democrat faction “called the president’s border wall funding a ‘non-starter’ in budget negotiations.”

It seems to most Americans, including a significant number of democrats, that Joe Biden’s Infrastructure insanity will pancake along with the unilateral $3.5 trillion liberal wish list. They don’t even have the blue votes to do it right now. Unless there is some serious back-room blackmail in the next day and a half, the scheme is doomed to failure.

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