Cops Blast Hijackers to Free Kidnapped Driver After Standoff

Presumably, cops in Ohio knew that the hostage was safely out of the way when they started blasting. The alternative is that they didn’t really care. The important part is that they didn’t shoot him. They did shoot his kidnappers, a husband and wife team of hijackers.

Ohio cops blast suspects

The four-hour hostage situation had been dragging on long enough for cops with the Ohio Highway Patrol. They decided to get it over with by opening fire on two suspects in the middle of a busy highway.

That put an end to an armed standoff which started with a multi-county police chase Wednesday morning, August 2. Both bandits were pronounced DOA at the hospital.

Footage taken at the scene “showed several Ohio Highway Patrol Troopers in tactical gear approach the hijacked semi-truck in an attempt to free the driver.” Cops believed that he was being held hostageinside by a 54-year-old man and his 51-year-old wife.

When one of the suspects started shooting from the truck, it “was quickly met with return fire that seemingly struck both suspects.

One of the troopers can be seen pumping the trigger like it was a cheap squirt gun, “unloading over 20 rounds from his pistol.” While doing that, he and fellow cops can be seen backing away from the rig.

After the cordite smoke cleared, “the original driver of the truck escaped the vehicle with his hands up and was brought to safety by two troopers.” He was more afraid of the troopers than his kidnappers by that point.

A chaotic morning

After the cops had a chance to figure out exactly what happened, the deceased suspects were identified as Ronald and Barbara Taylor of Somerset, Kentucky. Both were pronounced dead from their injuries at Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton.

According to police, the “chaotic morning began just before 1 a.m. on Wednesday when a London police officer stopped a minivan with no rear lights or a visible registration.

During that stop, they tried to con the cops into believing both their ID’s were in her stolen purse and that “the woman had just left the emergency room after stabbing herself in the eye with scissors.

Right after they gave their names, Ronald Taylor waited for the trooper to run them and “took off, leading officers on a 4-minute chase down to a truck stop, where they fled the minivan, and a foot chase ensued around the parking lot.” Their next victim was in the right place at the wrong time.

As the initial officer caught up to the couple, he threatened to taser them, but the male suspect pointed a handgun back forcing the cop to dive behind a parked car and allowing the couple to flee to a nearby white Werner semi-tractor that had one male occupant inside.” It took them a full 20 minutes to get it in drive. Cops were ready with barricades and stop strips so they rolled right over a cruiser and kept going. They were chased “for 2 hours through several counties before stopping near Dayton International Airport.

Police negotiated from 3:20 and 7:30 a.m. That’s when “troopers from the Special Response Team decided to attempt to make entry.” They did. “Troopers from the special response team approached the truck to remove the victim from the truck, as they were making entry the suspects fired shots at troopers,” a spokesman noted. “Troopers returned fire on the suspects.

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