Just Days After Joe Reverses IMPORTANT Trump Operation, Over a Dozen Innocent People are Now Dead

Illegal aliens are dropping like flies now that His Wisdom scaled back Former President Donald Trump’s border security operation to roll out the red carpet. Over a dozen more innocent migrants are needlessly dead thanks to Joe Biden’s globalist policies.

Smuggling operation in full swing

Now that open borders globalists are back in charge, the word has already spread that the USA is accepting asylum seekers again. They didn’t get the word that Biden is still making them stay in Mexico until Covid is cured.

Coyotes are more than willing to fill the gap with their well oiled operation to transport anyone with the money across the border. Illegal aliens are dying to get to America. Their money gets them across the line but still being alive when they get there isn’t part of the contract.


Faux News doesn’t want to go out on a limb so they hedge their reporting with careful phrasing. Authorities, they suggest, have a sneaky suspicion that “human smuggling was involved in the Tuesday morning collision that killed at least 13.”

Their first clue that an illegal operation was going on is that their were 25 people in the SUV which got creamed by a semi-truck full of gravel “on a Southern California highway near the U.S.-Mexico border.”

ICE tends to agree but they aren’t jumping to any conclusions in this brave new world of Democrat power. They aren’t speculating about the nature of the operation yet.


Immigration and Customs Enforcement did say late Tuesday that “its Homeland Security Investigations unit have initiated a human smuggling investigation. The investigation is ongoing and no further details are available at this time.”

Origin of three unknown

The Mexican government officially confirmed the citizenship of ten of the deceased as “Mexican citizens.”

The nationalities of three others killed in the smuggling operation have not yet been determined. They could be from anywhere. Earlier reports of 15 dead were premature.

As explained by Chief Omar Watson of the California Highway Patrol, “12 people died at the scene.”

The crash happened just outside of Holtville, California, about 11 miles north of the border, another reason for suspecting an ongoing human smuggling operation. “Another person died after arriving at the hospital.” It “was a pretty chaotic scene. A very sad situation.”

The report written up by Patrol Officer Jake Sanchez relates that the vehicle used in the operation was a 1997 Ford Expedition that would typically seat eight to nine people legally. It was allegedly packed with 25.

The SUV had “stopped at an intersection and then drove directly in the path of the big rig” just after 6 a.m. The truck was fully loaded with gravel. When it struck the vehicle it pushed it right off the road. The 22-year-old driver was killed instantly.

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