California’s Reparations Task Force Meeting in San Francisco For Testimony

The California reparations task force will begin a two-day conference in San Francisco on Wednesday. Governor Gavin Newsom authorized California Assembly Bill 3121 as well as created the task force in 2020 to study and develop reparations propositions for African Americans.

The conference will certainly be the initial time the task force has met personally since their inaugural meeting last year.

In March, the group elected 5-4 to restrict reparations only to those who are descendants of free and enslaved black individuals in the U.S. during the 19th century. They had formerly recommended including all black individuals.

As previously reported, panel members concurred that the family tree strategy for reparations had the very best opportunity of making it through any legal difficulties. The panel chose not to include all people based upon race, noting that immigrants during the 21st and also 20th centuries did not experience the injury of being kidnapped as well as enslaved.

“This measure is about reparations for those who are harmed by chattel slavery in this country,” Rev. Amos Brown, the vice chair of the task force and president of the San Francisco chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), told the Los Angeles Times.

Today’s meeting will certainly occur at the Third Baptist Church in San Francisco’s historic Fillmore district, where Rev. Brown is the priest.

“Wednesday’s agenda includes testimony from experts in education, while on Thursday, the committee is scheduled to discuss a report to be made public in June that shows how the institution of slavery continues to reverberate throughout California, including in the form of disparities in household income, health, employment and incarceration,” The Independent reports.

On the agenda will be professional testament on the “criminal justice system and anti-Black bias.” The general public is urged to view the conference online.

“Public Comment will be managed on a first come first serve basis for one hour. Each speaker will be limited to 3 minutes, after which time your microphone will be turned off. If you wish to participate in Public Comment, please follow the instructions posted at the beginning of the virtual meeting,” the meeting notice states.

The task force is expected to send out a reparations plan to the Legislature in 2023.

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