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Celebrity Admits To Sleeping With Over 100 Women While Married

It almost seems that those of us who are married and stay faithful to our spouses are a rare breed these days.

Seems that with the fall of traditional family values more and more people are just flippantly cheating on their wives and husbands.

The worst part of it is that these people think that it is no different than going to a different burger joint than the one you usually go to.

It’s become normalized. It didn’t get this way overnight though, people were conditioned over decades to think that this was ok behavior.

They were conditioned through movies, television, and the rock stars that made their reputations on how many people they slept with.

That being said, if you are a rock star and you are not in a relationship…knock yourself out. However, once you have made a vow before God; it’s kinda difficult in my mind not to look at that person as completely and totally wretched.

Look at Jon Bon Jovi for example. Objectively speaking, he is one of the more notable musicians of the 1980s. Hell, even into the 1990s he was making some good music. He’s also slept around on his wife than most small towns put together.

During a recent interview, Bon Jovi admitted that while he has been married to the same woman for over thirty years he has slept with at least a hundred different women.

I say at least because let’s face it, rock stars moved around a lot on tour, kept odd hours, and to be frank; most of them were not keeping a ledger of how many women they were with.

There is also something to say amidst all this of the notion that with age comes wisdom.

Bon Jovi is well into his sixties now and when one gets to the point where there are more sunsets behind you than in front of you you tend to reflect on the things you have done wrong.

He has apparently admitted all of this to his wife at some point, and it is definitely something to say for their relationship that they have stuck together despite his serial infidelity.

Of course, the alternative to not having to have that sort of a difficult conversation is to not do things that would lead to a difficult conversation…but that’s just me


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