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Biden Pardon Stuns Nation… This is RIDICULOUS

The NAACP is pressuring Joe Biden for a pardon.

Do you recall the name of Marilyn Mosby, the disgraced Baltimore State’s Attorney who was convicted on charges related to mortgage fraud?

The NAACP is now blaming her conviction on Donald Trump, so it is demanding that Joe Biden pardon her.

Pardon Her If You Want Our Vote

Mosby has been convicted for having used a pandemic exception to tap into her retirement account for financial hardship.

The only problem was that Mosby should not have been having financial hardship because she was still on full salary at the time.

As it turns out, she used the money to put a down payment on two vacation homes in Florida.

She also reportedly falsified information on her mortgage application to secure better terms on her mortgage.

Somehow, all those decisions are Donald Trump’s fault, with the NAACP sending Joe Biden a letter asking for her pardon.

The letter stated, “We are deeply concerned that the last administration abused their power to advance a meritless indictment against Ms. Mosby and worse, the current administration’s U.S. Department of Justice ignored a clear political motive of the malicious prosecution against Ms. Mosby.

“In contrast, 739 individuals withdrew funds from their retirement accounts without being charged for improper withdrawals, including three within her agency.

“Ms. Mosby was the only person charged.”

But did those people work the system the way that Mosby did?

I would also note that Biden was in office when this woman was charged and prosecuted by a Democrat U.S. Attorney and a Biden-appointed judge, so their argument does not hold water.

If Biden pardons this woman, the GOP should go nuclear, especially because of the case that Donald Trump just lost in civil court in New York for having exaggerated his assets to secure better loan terms.

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