Breaking: Dozens of Hamas Terrorists Eliminated

On Thursday, November 9, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) announced a major victory over Hamas. Significant areas in the center of Gaza City have officially been cleared thanks to the help from Givati Brigade troops, 162nd Armored Division members and special forces units that were deployed to take back these strategic locations.

Members of the IDF raided a military quarter near Shifa hospital where they killed 50 Hamas operatives during fierce combat. As well as this, Israel forces secured and neutralized a wide underground network of tunnels.

In addition to this, documents from Hamas’ military intelligence were found and several access points for underground tunnels, factories producing anti-tank missiles and posts for launching anti-aircraft rockets were destroyed.

The area also contains many strategic installations belonging to Hamas such as their central intelligence headquarters and government offices including their Interior Ministry. As if this wasn’t enough, it is also home to some of the larger training facilities used by them for urban warfare as well as multiple munitions factories responsible for creating weapons such as rockets, drones and anti-tank missiles.

All of these are located near civilian facilities like schools or medical clinics which puts innocent lives at risk when attacked by Israel’s armed forces.

Fox News reported:

“Israeli Defense Forces say a brigade of Israeli soldiers killed 50 Hamas terrorists during an operation in the heart of Gaza City on Thursday.

IDF spokesman Daniel Hagari says the Israeli division has been operating in Gaza city for several days. The city is the both the heart of the Gaza Strip and a key command structure for Hamas.

“Division 162 has been operating in recent days in the center of Gaza City in the area of ​​the security quarter of the Hamas organization,” Hagari said in a statement. “Givati ​​Brigade combat team forces eliminated over 50 terrorists.”

In addition to the 50 terrorists, Israel says “intelligence documents were found and a number of significant tunnel shafts, factories for the production of anti-tank missiles, and anti-aircraft launchers were destroyed.”

The IDF says Gaza City played host to Hamas’ central intelligence headquarters as well as its air defense headquarters.”

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