Grand Jury Indicts District Attorney Democrat on Multiple Felonies

A Georgia District Attorney Mark Jones is not having the best of luck seeing as he was just indicted with multiple felonies.

A Muscogee County Grand Jury handed down multiple felony indictments against a Democrat District Attorney-elect on Monday evening.

Back in June, Jones secured the win in the Democratic primary. He was able to unseat three-term incumbent Julia Slater. In the two-person race, Jones took 53 percent of the vote which was plenty to give him the win.


There is not a Republican on the ballot who could challenge the disgraced Democrat. This now allows for the Columbus attorney to assume office come January.

The first charge against him was a DUI in November 2019 in which a woman sustained injuries. The District Attorney is facing a felony DUI charge from the woman’s alleged injuries.

His second felony charge was from when his campaign was shooting a video in the Civic Center parking lot. This occurred weeks before the Democratic primary and he is being charged with felony property damage.


WRBL reports:

Prosecutors in Muscogee County recused themselves from the Jones cases. They were handled by the Prosecuting Attorneys’ Council of Georgia. The special prosecutor was Donald P. Geary of Lawrenceville, according to the indictment. Geary did not immediately return a phone message left at his office Tuesday morning.

Jones’ criminal attorney, Christopher Breault, called this an election-day surprise.

“We were informed back in late September that Republican Attorney General Chris Carr was going to attempt an “election surprise” against Democratic DA-Elect Mark Jones after Jones was quoted in USA Today on September 5 saying he would prosecute the Columbus police officers who kneeled on and slowly suffocated Columbus resident Hector Arreola,” Breault said in a statement to News 3. “So, it’s not surprising that the Attorney General has worked in the dark with Julia Slater to mislead a group of unsuspecting citizens—the grand jury—into indicting DA-Elect Mark Jones.  With DA-Elect Jones under indictment, the Republican leadership in Atlanta can keep him under their thumb and stop him from holding rogue police officers accountable for their actions.” 

The only way that Jones can be removed from his District Attorney position is if he’s convicted of a felony.

  1. Sure does seem to be alot of dirty delusional democrats out there these days . It’s all you hear about anymore . Another delusional democrats got busted for corruption . Are they all corrupt ??? If so why does anyone vote for them or is half our country so damn corrupt that it doesn’t matter anymore ???? The fat ass snowflakes don’t care , they get free welfare for voting for them so you know they won’t . Corruption at it’s best bought to you by the delusional democrats for no justice for all .

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