They Just Locked Down 13 Million People Over…

It appears that the origin of the COVID virus, China, continues to struggle under the pressure of the number of cases its experiencing. Meanwhile, the rest of the world has begun to move forward.

Regions of the Chinese city Xi’an have been locked down once again due to fears of another outbreak caused by the highly transmittable Omicron variant of COVID. According to officials, over 13 million people will be on another lockdown for at least one week.

During the previous year, this same region experienced a month-long lockdown. Fast forward to present day, and now 18 cases have been reported in the city.

An official statement revealed that the recent cases have been brought on by the Omicron variant, which both the US and UK have experienced as a dominant strain.

Numerous lockdowns have occurred in China due to their zero-Covid policy.

More details of China’s endless lockdowns via VOA News:

Businesses, schools and restaurants in Xi’an will close for one week, officials said Tuesday, after the Chinese city logged a handful of COVID-19 cases as outbreaks nationwide strain Beijing’s zero-tolerance virus approach.

China is the last major economy wedded to a zero-COVID strategy, deploying snap lockdowns, quarantines and travel curbs in a bid to weed out new infections.

Xi’an — a historic city of 13 million that endured a month-long lockdown at the end of last year — has reported 18 cases since Saturday in a cluster driven by the fast-spreading Omicron variant, according to official notices.

City official Zhang Xuedong said at a Tuesday press conference that Xi’an would implement “seven-day temporary control measures” that would “allow society to quieten down as much as possible, reduce mobility… and cut the risk of cross-infection”.

Public entertainment venues including pubs, internet cafes and karaoke bars would shut their doors from midnight on Wednesday, the city government said in a notice.

Only a few months ago in March did we witness China lock down over 51 million people due to Covid outbreak.

Sources: TheGatewayPundit, VOA News


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