Carjacker Learned The HARD Way Why Stealing From An Armed Driver Is A Bad Idea

The crime rate only continues to grow within many American cities, which seems to coincide with people electing the same failed leaders into office.

Meanwhile Biden is quick to blame the supposed overabundance of firearms for the spike in crime. Following the recent Uvalde tragedy that just occurred last month, the Biden administration and Democrats have been pushing to capitalize on the tragedy, believing that by simply banning gun laws crime will be prevented.

Well despite their senseless law, there was at least one person in the recent past that was thankful he possessed a gun and that it in fact helped him to prevent a crime from happening.

A video that has now gone viral online, shows a man attempting to carjack a car but fails miserably when he can be seen lying on the ground with his hands in the air as the man points out his gun, scaring the thief.

“It’s a stick. Can you even drive a stick?” The owner of the car could be heard saying as he waits for the police to arrive.

However, the delusion that police push for any justification to shoot people who have a specific complexion is shared by the very leftists who promote these policies that are only fueling the flames of crime. The carjacker was thankfully arrested and no one ended up getting hurt in the incident.

As we can see, Democrats’ go-to response to acts of violence is that “Gun is the enemy” and therefore the only way to make situations more secure is to outlaw guns.

What they’re not considering is that illicit gun ownership is unlikely to end regardless of what the government has to say.

But what will end up happening if the other person still possesses a gun and you do not? Who will turn the tide?

More importantly, the Second Amendment advocate is clearly the hero in this situation, in order to stop the carjacking.

Sources: Trendingpolitics, Genzconservative, Naijaonpoint


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