SHOCKING: Who Is Funding the Warnock Machine in Georgia?

Sen. Rafael Warnock (D-GA) was elected in the most contentious, irregular election in the last century with credible reports of electoral fraud abounding throughout the tumultuous bid for Democrats to seize the Senate. For the leftists, everything rode on this seat and they made certain Warnock got it. In spite of a child sexual abuse scandal which emerged from allegations dating back to his summer Church camp ministry (*which the media buried, and makes that campaign picture above waaaay creepier.) and a stiff competition from former Senator Kelly Loeffler the Democrats took the seat. Only now, long after the campaign has ended and record shattering millions of dollars of shady funding continue pouring into his campaign do we realize the truth.

According to OpenSecrets.Org,

“Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-Ga.) raised $5.7 million from early January through March, his campaign told the Atlanta Journal Constitution Thursday.””Warnock raised $1.5 million during the first two months of his Senate campaign in 2020. He raised three times that amount from Jan. 26 to March 31 of this year, according to a Federal Election Commission filing released Thursday.”

Despite the gargantuan price tag of the 2020 Senate race, amongst other shenanigans, Loeffler only lost by 2 points, so Democrats are obsessed with keeping this very shaky seat in 2022 as he is merely serving the remainder of Sen. Isakson’s term which is due to expire. Warnock is likely to square off against local party favorite fmr. Rep. Doug Collins, fmr. Sen. Loeffler making a second attempt given her narrow (and questionable) defeat or UofG running back Herschel Walker whom President Trump has urged to run. Open secrets reported, “A March poll found that 35 percent of Georgia Republicans preferred Collins, compared to 27 percent for Walker and 22 percent for Loeffler.” Any one of the three challengers present a significant threat to Warnock and therefore DNC control of the Congress.

So Where Is The Funding Propping Up Warnock Coming From? reported last year that an overwhelmingly large number of donors were listed as “unemployed” for the Democrats and that ACTBlue allows the use of unverified Credit Cards or Gift cards for donations which make it extremely susceptible to illegal campaign finance.

“According to Take Back Action Fund, ActBlue allows unverified credit cards to be used for donations. This can create a loophole, something that was seen in 2008. People would buy prepaid gift cards and use those gift cards to make their donations. It was a way for donors to skirt donation limits. But, Pudner believes foreign entities could use this loophole to directly meddle in America’s presidential elections.”

The majority of these new funds raised for Warnock are from ACTBlue.

Who else does ACTBlue process funding for? Black Lives Matter. And Multiple conservative outlets have reported since last June (and the mainstream media dutifully buried) that BLM donations could easily be flowing to Democrat campaigns instead. The Washington Free Beacon has also reported that Rep. Tim Burchett (R-TN.) is demanding the Justice and Treasury Departments launch an investigation “into the ActBlue charity platform following a Washington Free Beacon report exposing the organization’s work with an anti-Israel group allegedly tied to multiple terror organizations.”

So let’s review: potentially spinning BLM donations to Democratic candidates, shady, unverified Credit card processing that allows for easy exploitation and now potentially funding BDM and terrorist organizations? If the GOP are even half-awake, they’re going to have a field day with Warnock, and should the investigation go forward badly for them, his money supply may dry up.

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