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Biden SECRET Immigration Plan Revealed… What a Joke

We just found out what Joe Biden did with all those migrants that were taken off the streets of El Paso, TX.

We had heard rumors of a big tent city being put up in the desert.

As it turns out, those rumors were true.

Bring Them Here

The new facility is a massive tent that stretches the distance of 23 football fields.

This will give border officials the ability to hold an additional 1,000 migrants comfortably.

The current holding facility in El Paso is built to hold 1,040 people.

However, reports we have seen have stated that there could have been as many as 5,000 people being held there at one point.

Of course, we cannot confirm this because Biden has these facilities locked down about as tight as possible.

This will hopefully alleviate the problem of so many migrants living on the streets of El Paso.

In addition, the surge at the border has backed off just a little, with the city no longer seeing more than 2,000 migrants per day, as it had been.

Several weeks ago, El Paso declared a state of emergency.

This led to Abbott sending an additional 400 Texas National Guard members to the city to help with the crisis.

Source: New York Post

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