Dan Crenshaw

Crenshaw Goes NUCLEAR on ‘Troll’

Has badass former Navy SEAL Dan Crenshaw gone soft on us?

He sure is creating a lot of drama these days.

Now he is taking heat for going off on media members, accusing them of “trolling” him for attending a SEAL funeral.

However, that is not quite the full story.

Drama Queen

This all got started when a reporter posted that Crenshaw had missed a vote in the House.

This was not trolling, just simple reporting regarding who attended the vote. The man took no shots at Crenshaw.

This was the response he got…

So, let me say this to Mr. Crenshaw.

As a public servant, you are required to be in the House for votes.

Having said that, we also realize that situations such as this pop up.

So, I can only wonder why Mr. Crenshaw chose not to put out a press release that he would not be in the House due to a brother SEAL having died and that he would be attending the funeral.

Honestly, I doubt anyone would have had a problem with that had he just announced it.

Now, he had to know he was going to take heat for this, which means he did not do a release prior just so he could go off like this and play the victim.

Very weak, Mr. Crenshaw, very weak indeed.

Source: Fox News

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