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Biden Openly Begins Discussing the Brutal Reality That Was Once a Conspiracy Theory

Legions of fact-checkers around the world scrambled to “contextualize” the term after President Biden stated in a Business Roundtable speech that he believed in the importance of leading the “new world order.” That set off a frenzy of conspiracy theorizing and accusations of conspiracy theorizing on social media, but even the politically correct interpretation of what Biden was saying is sinister enough for those who are aware of what was really meant.

Biden wants to lead a new world order

The mainstream media and their pet fact-checkers rushed to declare that Biden’s comment was being wrongly interpreted by individuals who believe that the Illuminati run the world.

If a secret society really was planning to create a new world order, Biden seems like the last person they would entrust with announcing that fact to the general public.

It’s a bad faith argument to claim that this interpretation is what triggers revulsion in people who hear the phrase. It isn’t an attractive prospect at face value; no conspiracies required.

Biden and other liberals who feel comfortable using the phrase openly are using it to refer to a dream that they are quite openly devoted to forcing on the world.

The order they have in mind is one that will continue to become more liberal, connected, and centralized. All of this translates to increased power for Washington D.C.

Biden admitted as much when he emphasized that this world order would be led from the White House. That means more power for the U.S. government both at home and abroad.

No conspiracy theories here

In the long term, the new world order envisioned by powerful liberals is one in which their own values and beliefs become homogenous across cultures and nations.

It isn’t as exciting or titillating as secret Illuminati meetings, but the work of George Soros, Bill Gates, and the State Department is the real driving force behind this utopian vision.

The new world order Biden was talking about doesn’t look like hooded figures meeting by candlelight, it looks like pride parades and Black Lives Matter protests from Moscow to Montevideo.

The unipolar world that would ensure this was supposed to be taking shape right now. Unfortunately for liberals, the “end of history” concept turned out to be wishful thinking, and the world has not unanimously embraced their enlightened agenda.

Biden’s use of the term implies that he hasn’t given up yet. Even stripped of any conspiratorial undertones, the remark should be concerning.

The world order liberals want looks more undesirable than ever in 2022. How far are they willing to go in order to bring about their insane vision in the face of mounting opposition?

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