Joe Biden Admitted

Biden Just Gave the Order… It’s About Time!

For roughly three years, Joe Biden has been telling the American people that he did not have the authority to shut down the border.

That, of course, is a lie.

While an executive order can be challenged in court, Biden can still issue it, and he is apparently getting ready to do so.

Sign the Order

The problem for Joe Biden on an immigration executive order is that it would be challenged by liberal immigration activists.

This would not be good press for Biden, which is why he does not want to sign an order on this front.

But, with immigration being the driving factor behind much of Donald Trump’s support right now, suddenly, Joe Biden is ready to sign an order that would put restrictions in place once we average about 5,000 crossings per day for more than one week.

At least, that is my understanding of Biden pulling his order from some of the details that were worked out in the Senate immigration deal.

If that is the order, then Biden is doing something without actually doing anything.

If we have a 5,000-per-day average, that is still 150,000 crossings per month, for a total of 1.8 million yearly.

If Biden truly wanted to lock down the border, the daily average would be around 2,000, which is about where we were when Trump was in office.

The funny thing about all of this is that Biden has pretended all this time that he has not had this power.

So, if and when he does sign this order, the GOP needs to immediately go on the attack.

I would create a split-screen ad with Biden saying he does not have the power and the other side showing Biden signing the order.

Additionally, I would bring up the fact that Biden has circumvented Congress on Student Loan forgiveness, so why is he so afraid to do the same regarding immigration?

The American people are being played, and that needs to be exposed.

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