Biden Flops HARD With This One…

With citizens throughout the nation currently sour on Joe Biden’s handling of migration, diplomacy, and the economy, Republicans have actually found another issue to rally midterm citizens against Democrats: Joe Biden’s baffling proposal to ban… menthols … seriously, menthol cigarettes.

According to an April Echelon Insights poll procured by the Washington Free Beacon, swing-state citizens in Georgia, Nevada, and North Carolina commonly reject the Biden administration’s possible menthol restriction. Fifty-two percent of Georgia and Nevada citizens and 50 percent of North Carolina citizens state the administration needs to keep menthols legal. Only 28, 31, and 30 percent of citizens, on the other hand, wish to prohibit the flavored cigarettes in Nevada, Georgia, and North Carolina, respectively.

If the Biden regime should progress with its menthol restriction, the choice might damage the president’s standing in the 3 states, which are essential to identifying control of the Senate in the November midterm elections. Forty-nine percent of Nevada citizens– consisting of 60 percent of Hispanic citizens in the state– would be less likely to support a prospect who “vocally supported” a menthol restriction, the survey reveals. A mere 21 percent of Silver State citizens would be  likely to back a menthol restriction advocate, according to the survey.

The Biden administration revealed its intent to prohibit menthol cigarettes on April 29, 2021, mentioning an objective to “address health disparities experienced by communities of color, low-income populations, and LGBTQ+ individuals.” According to the FDA, 85 percent of black cigarette smokers prefer menthol cigarettes over their non-flavored equivalents.

Approximately one year later on, nevertheless, the proposed restriction is still in limbo, and the Biden administration’s hold-up has actually not assisted offer the transfer to citizens. With Biden dealing with spikes in violent criminal activity, the war in Ukraine, and record inflation, almost 90 percent of citizens in Georgia, Nevada, and North Carolina think the administration ought to not “spend their time banning menthol cigarettes,” the Echelon survey programs. As a result, more than 60 percent of citizens in the 3 states think Biden needs to take a time out on the restriction.

A veteran Republican informed the Free Beacon that Republicans will not be reluctant to highlight the restriction if it’s enacted, including that there’s “no issue Biden isn’t capable of mishandling.”

“As usual, the Biden administration continues to try to control the lives of everyday Americans instead of fixing the soaring inflation crisis it created,” the operative said. “First, Biden said, ‘If you don’t vote for me, you ain’t black.’ Now, he’s saying, ‘If you choose to smoke menthols, you must be.'”

According to the Echelon survey, approximately two-thirds of Georgia, Nevada, and North Carolina citizens oppose the restriction due to the fact that they feel it would be inefficient. More than 60 percent of citizens in the 3 states, on the other hand, think the restriction would “push the product out of legitimate stores and onto street corners where gangs and violent criminals sell and generate profit for organized crime.” That number consists of 77 percent of Hispanic citizens in Nevada, 60 percent of Democratic citizens in Georgia, and 64 percent of independent citizens in North Carolina.

The American Civil Liberties Union voiced a comparable concern in 2015, calling the restriction a “policy disaster waiting to happen” because it would create “large, underground illegal markets” and cause “a massive law enforcement problem for states, counties, and cities. “a massive law enforcement problem for states, counties, and cities.” Earlier in April, even the anti-Semitic race-baiter, charlatan and Democratic power broker Al Sharpton penned a letter to the Biden administration that said a menthol ban would “expose consumers to dangerous contraband cigarettes” and “promote criminal activity.”

Who would imagine that Chris Rock could be (partially) prophetic in his 2004 Comedy Special “Never Scared” when he said, “Could you imagine if the Philip Morris family was a bunch of jerry-curled n****s from Mississippi? Do you know how illegal a pack of cigarettes would be? You would get sixty years just for a pack of Newports. Apparently, a change in the racial composition of the Phillip Morris family may not be necessary.

H/T The Washngton Free Beacon

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