Biden Doubles Down on His Ridiculous Spending

As it was in the Obama administration before, it is again under the Biden-Harris regime. The FEMA slush fund is reborn as ol’ Joe doubles down with your money. The Biden Administration has announced they will direct $1 Billion to the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s “fund for Extreme Weather preparation” a 100% increase.

The new funding measure by the White House is predicated upon the “settled science” of anthropogenic climate change and according to The Hill, “The budget increase will go to the Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities (BRIC) program, which provides support for local, state and tribal government preparation efforts.”

The Biden-Harris regime is pointing to an NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) report that we’re staring down the barrel of an “above-average” hurricane season but nothing like the “historic” 2020 season which in-spite of a record number of storms (14 tying with 2005) saw few make landfall in the US and zero reach a Category 5 strength.

Given that of during the Winter storm crisis in Texas this year the entire state under Gov. Abbott sought a disaster declaration as well as 254 counties in their own right and only 77 counties were approved, it seems that the FEMA slush fund will allow Biden to continue playing favorites with counties that support him. According to The Dallas News the disastrous storm left 80,000 Texans without power or safe drinking water.

Biden Doubles Down on Empty Rhetoric That Defies Facts

In a statement released to the press, the White House wrote, “As climate change threatens to bring more extreme events like increased floods, sea level rise, and intensifying droughts and wildfires, it is our responsibility to better prepare and support communities, families, and businesses before disaster — not just after,” the administration said in a statement.

“This includes investing in climate research to improve our understanding of these extreme weather events and our decision making on climate resilience, adaptation, and mitigation. It also means ensuring that communities have the resources they need to build resilience prior to these crises.”

In other words, the Democrats will be able to assign funds to their idealogical allies in academic circles at the expense of the American people, as usual.

The Hill reported,

“It’s not about red states versus blue states, it’s about having people’s backs,”

Given the administration’s response to Texas’ needs it seems less about having backs and more about scratching backs.


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