Federal Reserve Fueling the Biden-Harris Regime’s Destruction of America

The Biden-Harris regime is on course to the absolute economic destruction of America, and the Federal Reserve isn’t just allowing it: they’re all-in. Former Congressman and GOP Presidential Candidate Dr. Ron Paul hosts his weekly “Ron Paul Liberty Report” on Youtube, and writes a weekly column for In his latest blog Dr. Paul explained that the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has stated 2021 will be the second year straight wherein the Federal Debt exceeds the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). In short: as a nation we are massively over-borrowing beyond what we produce.

The most prominent example is the $1.9 Trillion leftist wish list, cynically called a COVID relief bill, that has passed the US House of which only 42.5% relates to Covid19.


How Is The Federal Reserve Fueling The Biden-Harris Dumpster Fire?

Financial Analyst Peter Schiff pointed out that, “The Fed’s commitment to ensuring the government can run up massive debt means the Fed will not allow interest rates to increase to anywhere near what they would be in a free market. This is because increasing interest rates would cause the federal government’s debt payments to rise to unsustainable levels. Yet, the Fed cannot admit it is going to keep rates near, or even below, zero indefinitely without unsettling the markets. So, the Fed continues to promise interest rate hikes in the future and the markets pretend to believe the Fed. When (or if) the lockdowns end, the Fed will find a new crisis justifying “temporarily” keeping interest rates low.”

By gaming the interest rates to an artificially low point that does not reflect the economic health of the United States or the stability of the Biden-Harris regime’s fiscal policy, the Federal Reserve has given it’s tacit endorsement, it’s implicit blessing to the obliteration of not only the America First agenda, but American economic superiority.


Former Congressman Dr. Ron Paul wrote,

“The Federal Reserve has not just endorsed massive federal spending, Fed Chairman Powell has also endorsed masks, vaccines, and social distancing to defeat the coronavirus and restore the economy. It is disappointing, but not surprising, to see the Fed go full Fauci.”

“Unless the government changes course, America will experience a crisis greater than the Great Depression. The crisis will include a final rejection of the dollar’s world reserve currency status. There will also be much increased price inflation. At that point Congress will have no choice but to limit spending, although it will try to hide cuts in popular entitlement programs by “adjusting” government measures of inflation. Congress could then blame the Fed for the reduction in value of government benefits.”

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