A Really Creepy Joe Biden Video

A Really Creepy Joe Biden Video

Another Creepy Joe Biden video has emerged, and this one is really cringe-worthy. Townhall released a video montage of all of the moments that Creepy Joe decided to whisper into the mic during an announcement about his infrastructure bill.

When announcing a $579 billion deal of infrastructure spending, Joe Biden set an ultimatum: if Congress doesn’t come up with a “companion bill” including “reconciliation,” he won’t sign either bill.

100 Percent Fed Up reports: “Biden is touting a compromise, but this is no compromise for Republicans or Americans. It’s still $6 trillion in total. Why would a Republican sign onto this porker? Democrats believe the answer is always government but forget that the money comes from the people they’re taxing to death.”

Of course, the massive out of control spending proposal was overshadowed by Creepy Joe whispering into the microphone in a way that proves that his nickname fits him well.

Former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany shared Townhall’s video on Twitter, writing: “What did I just watch?”

In the announcement, Biden mocked employers who are having trouble finding employees, telling them to “pay them more” in a creepy whisper.

If the media were honest, they would have responded by asking where small business owners are supposed to be getting this money to pay people more. The only solution would be to drastically raise prices, or fire a few people and redistribute their pay to the remaining workers.

Of course, not paying people enough isn’t the real cause of the unemployment problem, it’s the welfare state. With the increased unemployment benefits, who would want to work for less money?

Even if a job pays a dollar or two more an hour than unemployment, who would choose to take the extra dollar in exchange for a full days work when they can make a little bit less doing nothing?

Biden even admits to that without realizing it, bragging about the $1.9 million in “relief” he’s given to people for doing absolutely nothing.

Creepy Joe really outdid himself with this one.

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