Spring Break Beach Brawls Caught on Camera!

Spring break is in full swing and all the college kids are taking advantage of the time to getaway in the sunshine state of Florida.

After being stuck cooped up inside for the past three years due to COVID concerns putting a damper on travel, these students are ready to release some tension and rage.

Just last week, large crowds of college students were seen at a popular Fort Lauderdale beach wearing boxing gloves and promoting mock fights as entertainment while onlookers cheered them on.

And it wasn’t just guys who were partaking in the rage-fueled fun, many scantily clad women joined in on the action as they were seen wrestling and tackling each other to the sand.

These scenes come only days following a viral TikTok video that showed numerous individuals sporting bikinis “brawling” each other after football drills.

Both video and camera footage of these crowd-gathering brawls just prove how much pent up aggression college students are looking to let loose after the pandemic halted all spring break celebrations.

Spring break 2023 marks the first year of regular festivities since 2019, as droves of college students could be seen on the shorelines of Fort Lauderdale.

And these students really came out to show off their bodies in bikinis and drink all day in the sunshine.

Every kind of drink you can think of was seen, from beer bongs to straight liquor bottles and borgs, or large mixed drinks in gallon jugs.

As many could expect, these rambunctious teens’ behavior is at an all-time high, and spring break hotspots have attempted to prep themselves as best they can.

Fox 35 spoke with one business owner, who said “Twenty years I’ve been here for spring break, and that was the first time that I’ve ever seen any serious issues.”

Rowdy and violent behavior during this spring break has caused police to implement an 11 p.m. curfew for those 17 and under. Additionally, police presence will be much stronger than what has been experienced in the past.




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