Alarming Situation Unfolding Across the Pond [Video]

Ever wonder why our Freedom of Speech is so incredibly critical? Or even more specifically, why it is so very, very important that our Members of Congress and Senators CANNOT be arrested for anything they say on the floors of Congress? This is why. News has arrived from Rome that an Italian Member of Parliament was videoed being bodily CHASED from the legislature after he waved a sign in protest to the Mediterranean nation’s alarming new “green pass” COVID Vaccine passport scheme.

He didn’t speak, he didn’t chant or yell, he held up a small (8″x20″ or so? Roughly legal pad sized.) sign that simply said “No Green Pass” in Italian and was chased out. But perhaps that was part of the plan? Immediately other Parliamentarians filled the well of the floor, now absent of security holding identical signs.

As the French Member of the ID Group in the European Parliament Gilbert Collard observed in his Tweet “viva Italia!”


Italy Has Taken To The Streets In Alarming Numbers

Collard has continued to tweet as demonstrations have taken to the streets in cities all over the Italian peninsula. Reuters reports that Police barricades failed to stop marchers in Rome. They explained the “Green Pass” provisions,


“The Italian government, looking to contain a fresh surge in coronavirus cases, announced that from next month people must present proof of immunity to access an array of services and leisure activities. The so-called Green Pass is a digital or paper certificate that shows if someone has received at least one jab, has tested negative or has recently recovered from COVID-19. As of Aug. 6, the pass will be required to go to gyms, swimming pools, sports stadiums, museums, spas, casinos and cinemas. Eating in indoor restaurants also requires a pass.”

The birthplace of fascism and the first nation to suffer under its boot from the vicious Benito Mussolini has a very, very long memory, much like Spain under Franco, another nation bucking the COVID panic after their lockdown was ruled ‘unconstitutional‘. The Italians are not likely to take this sitting down, they know what is at stake a people who have suffered the deprivations of fascism and the corruption of la Cosa nostra (although honestly if you have to pick one…)

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