Alarming New Evidence Emerges

New Evidence shows that the damage to the United States of America wrought by the failed withdrawal from Afghanistan is far more widespread and insidious than the military, logistical, or diplomatic crisis it has spawned. According to startling reports coming in from multiple sources that the psychological impact of Biden’s shameful debacle will reverberate through America’s veterans for quite some time to come, with potentially deadly consequences.

A report confirmed by The Washington Examiner and The Daily Wire attests that between August 13th and 29th as the shambolic military evacuation of Afghanistan was underway and the nation’s provinces fell like dominoes up to the fall of Kabul, amidst the 24/7 coverage of the disaster another tragedy was taking place. The Veteran’s Affairs Suicide hotline received over 35,000 calls from veterans in crisis as they watched the gains they fought, spilled blood, and paid so very dearly for slipped away like grains of sand.

Daily Wire wrote,

“Veterans placed more than 35,000 calls to the Veterans Crisis Line between Aug. 13 and 29, according to VA data provided to the Washington Examiner,” The Washington Examiner reported on Tuesday. A spokesman for the VA informed the Examiner that its own analysis showed there was a roughly 7% increase from the same period last year.”

Afghanistan War Veterans: Righteously Angry And Disillusioned

All one has to do to understand the situation is ask the veterans themselves. Matt Holloway of The #HollowNet spoke with 2022 Congressional Candidate and decorated Afghanistan War Veteran Teddy Daniels.

He told Matt,

“You know, it’s torn off a lot of scabs that took about ten years to learn to deal with. Mentally, emotionally. And the past week, it’s been a rough week for me. I’ve got a lot of phone calls from friends who served over there and they’re just having a tough time dealing with it. I’m so banged up, I can’t run around in the yard and play with my four-year-old like I wish I could. I’ve had numerous surgeries, several reconstructive surgeries. And I’m thinking to myself:

You know I gave all this, and in a matter of a week, the Taliban just completely retook the country because of a catastrophic, rushed withdrawal plan.

And it was a big slap in the face to every single person that’s served, bled, and every gold star family out there that lost somebody. I had a knot in my chest all week. You know? Like one of those big knots in your chest because it’s just so hard to fathom and comprehend.

And I know for the average person, they may not get it. Okay? But when you take ground and you spill blood and you lose American lives and even the lives of our Afghan, you know the Afghan National Army, the Afghan local Police, the Afghan National Police that fought side-by-side with us, and these men fought and died alongside of you. And then for Biden to go on TV and throw them under the bus. You know, that…that hurt.” 

Daniels, whose Combat head-cam video is the most-watched combat footage on Youtube and many like him aren’t in want of someone to blame, they know where the ultimate responsibility lies.

“You know when he was on vacation, he came back and gave a twenty-minute press conference. Said: the buck stops here and then turned around and blamed everybody else and then walked out of the room. And it’s like you know what? No. We deserve more than that. We deserve it. How is the military going to recruit and train people now? And how are our allies around the world going to trust the word of the United States when they come in and say ‘yeah, we’ll be there for you’?” Daniels said.

Evidence Is Mounting In Case After Case Of PTSD

Politico wrote that Biden’s failure has left him at a “Crisis Point” with Veterans. Further, they wrote that Tom Porter, executive vice president of government affairs with the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) said,

“I haven’t talked to anybody who isn’t angry or disappointed in how this was carried out, Nobody thinks there was a plan”

A summary of the calls to the VA Department’s crisis hotline sent to Veterans Affairs Secretary Denis McDonough on August 16 says it all.

“Veterans are upset, angry, triggered and are experiencing an increase in their anxiety, depression, and PTSD.” a second said: their concern for scores of interpreters who aided the United States who were now at risk of reprisals from the Taliban according to the VA.

“Veteran has been struggling with the fall of Afghanistan and is experiencing an increase in his PTSD symptoms. He is feeling worthless, experiencing fits of rage and anger, not sleeping, and can’t eat,” a summary of one of the calls read. Another said, “Veteran reported that it is going to be like 9/11 all over again.”

It’s too much to think that a government like the Biden-Harris regime could possess any understanding of something like honor. Or what it does to good men when they are forced to watch the nation they fought, bled, and watched their brothers and sisters die for act foolishly and even dishonorably. The shame, revulsion, anger, and betrayal must be an impossible burden to bear. But for those who feel no guilt, no shame, there can never be comprehension of such things.

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