Twitter Suspends Conservative Journalist After Showing Support for Trucker Convoy

Showing just how scared the Deep State is of the ongoing Canadian Freedom Convoy trucker protest, Twitter pulled conservative journalist Katie Daviscourt’s plug with a twelve hour political “time out.” Patriots should take note, without thinking about her choice of phrasing, she gave them just the excuse they needed. Twitter monitors are standing by to jump out and yell “gotcha” for any little infraction.

Twitter cracks down

The New World Order is really unhappy with the Freedom Convoy. While the Deep State was busy suppressing deplorable Trump supporters in America and propping up Joe Biden’s alleged administration, Canadian patriots got the drop on them.

It’s no surprise that Twitter would jump into the fray with censorship of anything they can blacklist.

This heavy handed Twitter decision comes on the heels of other contrived controversy. There is a lot of speculation about the adverse incidents which occurred in Canada last week, blamed on the protesting truckers. Things like the harassment of a soup kitchen and “desecration of monuments.”

The general consensus is that, after the dust clears, those will turn out to be government sponsored false-flag incidents. Just like the barbarian invasion of the U.S. Capitol, right on “Q.”

Ms. Daviscourt writes for the Post Millennial. Her fateful tweet began, simply enough, as an invitation. “Can the truckers please come to Seattle?!” What she tapped out isn’t something Twitter censors can do much about but when she added “@kcexec would have a heart attack,” she allegedly went too far. Okay, poor choice of words.

If she had said “Dow Constantine of King County would come unglued,” she would be just fine. Millions of Americans use similar phrases every day without any particular thought to the actual semantic meaning of them. Her simple cliché gave the social media megalith all the ammunition they needed to shoot her down. Back on the playground, we were taught “sticks and stones break bones” not words.

Voodoo censorship

Suddenly Twitter believes in Voodoo. All anyone needs to do is stick some pins in a doll or “wish” someone a heart attack and politicians will be dropping like flies.

The mere mention is a threat to society itself which must be banned, for a full twelve hours and not a minute less. They conveniently provide a countdown timer until she’s back in their good graces.

It didn’t take long for Ms. Daviscourt to issue a statement spanning a lot more than 140 characters.

It’s evident that Twitter is suspending conservative accounts at random instead of accounts that are in true violation of their ‘Twitter Rules.’ I disagree with Twitter’s decision to temporarily suspend my account after voicing support for blue-collar truckers, the backbone of economic prosperity.


It’s simply not fair. “When Iranian terrorists can tweet without violating Twitter rules, we are lost.” Using the isolated and possibly engineered “unlawful” minor incidents as an excuse, Ottawa officials promise “evidence is ‘being collected‘ about any potential wrongdoers throughout the Freedom Convoy protest group.

Amazingly, protesting vaccine mandates is now considered “racist.” That evidence being collected is “on people who are disobeying our laws and engaging in criminal activity and racist behavior.”

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