Texas Takes a Stand, Defies Biden Admin

The Lone Star State has decided to make quite a bold move as the tensions between them and the Biden administration continue to increase: reinstalling a razor wire fence in Eagle Pass after it was cut down by federal government officials. With illegal immigration surging at the border, Governor Abbott has taken a stand, making it clear that he will not stand for any attempts to weaken security along the Rio Grande River.

The fight between Texas and the Biden Administration over border security continues to heat up.

Despite claims from President Biden’s team that they have been able to slow down migrant flow, Fox News reporter Bill Melugin reported otherwise, saying “It’s a total free for all in Eagle Pass right now. Mass illegal crossing taking place for over an hour and a half.”

In response, Abbott has deployed members of the Texas National Guard to assist with controlling the situation at hand.

To further strengthen their stance against illegal activity, states like Texas are shipping migrants to “sanctuary cities” which defy federal immigration law by refusing to cooperate with ICE and housing illegal aliens.

Not surprisingly, such actions taken by Governor Abbott have caused controversy among those who oppose his methods.

Last month, a federal judge ordered Texas remove razor-wire buoys from the Rio Grande River which had been used as an effective barrier against migration across state lines however, this ruling was later overturned when U.S Court of Appeals ruled in favor of allowing these buoys remain in place.

It remains unclear how this tug-of-war between Texas and Washington will end but one thing is certain: Governor Abbott will continue to take steps in order ensure that proper measures are implemented along their borders so as protect Texans from mass influxes of immigrants entering illegally into their state without consequence or regulation.

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