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Democrats Are Now Calling for Investigation of Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton has stepped back into the spotlight with her latest scandal and she seems to be embracing the attention, but even some Democrats are now hoping to be rid of the failed presidential candidate before she makes up her mind to try it again in 2024. Clinton’s 2016 campaign is accused of hiring a tech company to spy on then-President Trump’s servers in the White House in an attempt to support claims that the election was stolen by the Russians.

Hillary Clinton at center of new scandal

Most Americans are united in having no interest at all in seeing another presidential run from Hillary Clinton, but that hasn’t stopped her from continuing to be the eternal darling of the mainstream media.

If her glib reactions to recent news and increasing attacks on Trump are anything to judge by, the laudatory treatment she’s received from the media is doing a good job of inflating her ego.

She may very well decide to run again in 2024 with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris looking like increasingly weak candidates.

In a recent poll, however, a majority of Democrats report that they now wish to see Clinton investigated for her role in the 2016 Russia case.

The poll comes from TechnoMetrica Institute of Policy and Politics (TIPP) and is based on responses from 1,308 Americans. Two thirds of the Democrats who responded said that they would support an investigation into Clinton and her campaign.

Polling, of course, hasn’t always been especially accurate in the last decade and this one was based on online responses, which typically aren’t considered to be as reliable as phone surveys.

Democrats want someone else for 2024

On the other hand, TIPP has an A+ rating from FiveThirtyEight, which is owned by the Walt Disney Company. This is not a case of a heavily biased polling firm producing results Republicans would be happy to see.

Additionally, even if the poll is off significantly, there is at the very least a large percentage of registered Democrats who want to see Hillary Clinton investigated.

This shouldn’t be too shocking, given that Clinton is often blamed for losing what most Democrats thought should have been an easy race against Donald Trump.

A significant portion of the party has never really reconciled itself to the way in which Clinton and Biden both seemed to crush Bernie Sanders with the party’s blessing and support.

Of course these Democrats aren’t hoping for an investigation because they have any sympathy for Trump. Keeping Clinton away from the 2024 primaries is probably essential to keeping Trump out of the White House.

Clinton herself says that the idea that she should be investigated is only the product of conspiracy theorists at Fox News and in the Trump camp. If this poll is even remotely accurate, she might want to take the situation a little more seriously.

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