2 Teens Dead, 3 Hospitalized: Stolen Vehicle Police Chase Ends with SUV Split Completely in Half

Five kids did their best to die in a glorious ball of fire Wednesday evening in the anarchist stronghold of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Two of them succeeded when the police chase ended “in a horrific crash.”

High speed chase

Nobody cares if some old fart dies in a car wreck but when five youngsters dice recklessly with death, everyone pays attention.

They have their whole lives ahead of them, even if they seem like juvenile delinquents now, so throwing it all away for a brief adrenaline rush of excitement, with red and blues flashing in the mirror through a high speed chase is such a waste.

No car handles better or goes faster through bushes and over concrete curbs better than a stolen car. These kids did it right and swiped a Mercedes SUV near 12th Avenue North and Fremont Avenue for their evenings joyride. By the time the police chase ended, it was “split completely in half.”

The three who lived through the crash are now in the hospital. If they pull through, they’ll have one heck of a story to tell on Facebook.

Police were nowhere in sight when the armed carjacking happened. They aren’t allowed to do much about crime these days because it’s unpopular with the Black Lives Matter community.

Antifa affiliated anarchists are free to do as they please for the most part. The Minneapolis PD occasionally goes out and tries to fight some crime, even though the Soros funded prosecutors eventually set the criminals free, with a warning not to get caught again. Just to keep up appearances and out of boredom, they decided to street race the kids for fun and call it a chase.

They drove off

Nobody listens to a thing cops say anymore so it isn’t surprising that when the Robbinsdale police clued into the stolen Mercedes around 2 a.m. Thursday morning and tried to stop the suspects, the kids “drove off and a high-speech chase ensued.” Until the driver lost it.

Police confirm that “all five individuals in the vehicle were under 18 years old.”

“The chase moved from Robbinsdale into northeast Minneapolis, where the driver of the SUV lost control near the intersection of Lowry Avenue and Hayes Street.”

The SUV damage was impressive. Details are sketchy but it appears this was a single vehicle incident. It must have flipped and rolled, twisting itself apart through momentum. “The crash tore the Mercedes in half, with the two sections landing on opposite ends of the intersection.”

Immediately after the chase, one of the boys was found outside the vehicle and pronounced dead at the scene. He apparently doesn’t believe in those seat belt things. Another died at the hospital. The three survivors “are currently being treated for substantial, non-life-threatening injuries.”

Captain John Kaczmarek added that the suspects are “up and talking” in the hospital. The Captain warns local citizens to remain vigilant. “Carjackings have been on the rise, I think everyone knows that. Even in the western suburbs, we’ve had an increase in carjackings, violent carjackings.”

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