Your Privacy Means Nothing to Them, and the Media is Helping to Drive It

Enforcing the evil new tax “law” cooked up by the satanically socialist handlers of Joe Biden would be a “massive invasion of privacy” for any American with more than $600 in the bank, not to mention a total security nightmare. Of course, the globalist network media thinks the idea is the best thing they’ve heard of since inflatable tanks to sequester cow farts.

Privacy is for criminals

Only criminal tax cheats need to worry about the invasion of privacy, the Palace declares. In order to keep inflation from crippling the economy, Joe Biden plans to collect a staggeringly massive amount of taxes.

That means the IRS will be reaching out their tentacles to snatch every penny they can shake out of your pockets. House Republicans are the only thing keeping the revenuers from monitoring every transaction in or out of your bank accounts, just to keep you honest.

On Wednesday, September 29, conservatives in the lower chamber “tried to block the Internal Revenue Service from creating new rules that would allow the agency to crack down on tax evasion.” The Democrats were trying to sneak it in as part of the plan to raise the debt ceiling.

Under the dastardly plot, “new rules would allow the IRS to collect information from banks and other financial service institutions.” They need to invade your privacy to detect “large transactions,” but they want authority to go into any bank account with $600 in it. The IRS must examine every entry to determine if it is “large” enough to indicate tax fraud or other criminal activity.

Republicans, even the ones with RINO proclivities, “nearly unanimously opposed the debt ceiling bill.”

To fight back against the socialist over-reach they tried to tack on a provision stopping “any new information reporting requirements on inflows or outflows of deposits and withdrawals in individual and business banking accounts and other financial accounts.” It failed along party lines. Democrats don’t care about the right to privacy.

Squeeze out $100 billion

His Imperial Wisdom Joe Biden has been smoking so much of Kamala’s weed that he’s hallucinating. He’s so high, he actually thinks he can squeeze “$100 billion in revenue already owed under existing rules” by vacuuming it right out your bank account.

Throwing the right to privacy in your affairs right out the window, the scheme “involves investing more in IRS agents and collecting data from banks.”

This is another one of those sneaky pieces of loophole legislation Democrats are famous for. They can’t legally change the tax code.

Instead they ignore privacy concerns to rip the lid off “wealthy Americans who, by playing a complex shell game, are able to hide millions of dollars in income from the Treasury Department to avoid paying their fair share in taxes.”

That’s a lie, Kevin McCarthy declared. The House Minority Leader called it a “bank account surveillance scheme, designed to target low- and middle-income earners.” If you’re a waitress struggling by on tips, the IRS is after you. “This is a massive invasion of privacy for millions of Americans,” Bill Huizenga warns.

“This obscene proposal would allow the IRS to collect an unbelievable amount of financial data with little to no tangible benefit, while imposing significant compliance costs on our community banks, credit unions, and related financial institutions.” The hackers can’t wait. Another copy of sensitive data to harvest.

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