Bombshell Hillary Clinton News Drops

Democrats know things are looking grim for the blue team when Hillary Clinton’s neighbors in the Hamptons are voting for Donald Trump. The star studded enclave is overloaded with “affluent New York City vacationers and celebrities.” For every election, one popular boutique in glitzy East Hampton sells merchandise for all the candidates, while keeping close tally of sales. The usually dead-on accurate straw poll has Biden losing with only 397 cup sales to Trump’s 771 at the latest count.

Trump ahead in the Hamptons

It caught the attention of UK outlet DailyMail that “wealthy Hamptons residents are displaying their support for Donald Trump over Joe Biden in the upcoming presidential elections.” That makes Democrats really nervous.

The Monogram Shop is currently scoring the sales from decorated drink cups. They retail for $3 each and it’s beginning to look like a landslide.

Donald’s daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, couldn’t wait to proudly share “a picture of the cup count on her Instagram page with her 1.8 million followers.” That has folks visiting the Hamptons just to buy a cup.

Progressives aren’t real happy that it matches the latest official poll which gives the Trumpster “a three-point edge over Biden across the seven battleground states for the 2024 presidential election.

On Tuesday alone, the boutique rang up 70 Trump emblazoned cups while only 11 Biden fans wandered through. According to the shop’s owner, Valerie Smith, since 2004, her “cup count has accurately predicted the outcome of each election.

Considering her solidly liberal location, Ms. Smith was hesitant to run the survey this time around. She was outvoted.

The star studded enclave is overloaded with “affluent New York City vacationers and celebrities.”

Let us pray 2024

As Smith relates, “I was not going to do it this year, instead I printed cups with ‘Let us pray 2024,‘ simply because I felt the atmosphere felt toxic and complicated.” Usually, Trump isn’t real popular in that neighborhood.

Her customers weren’t about to let her get away that easily. “But people kept on asking me to do it, so we started three weeks ago and began keeping a count.

She also notes that there’s a clear demographic behind the sales. Almost “all of the buyers of the Trump cups have been women.” Ms. Smith can’t figure out where the official pollsters are getting their numbers from. They may simply be making them up.

The polling, she observes, “constantly mentions that Trump support is low with suburban women but that is who is walking in and buying these cups.

When asked if she’s seen a change in the sale patterns since the debate, she chuckled. It’s funny, she explains, but since Joe flubbed the big cage match, “there has been a significant increase in sales of the ‘Let us pray 2024‘ cups.

Apparently, hardcore progressives don’t want Joe but don’t want Trump either. Michelle Obama continues to hold out for a better deal, before jumping in to save democracy.

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