Recent Audit Reveals Shocking Details

It seems that all it takes to become a police officer in San Francisco is a body temperature higher than what the thermostat is set for. A recent audit reveals the city gave badges to everyone from illegal aliens to “an individual who was wanted by the FBI.

Unqualified police officers

An audit conducted by the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office revealed that the “San Francisco Police Department hired undocumented and unqualified officers.” Fox News relates that they did it “to address a staffing shortage in the crime-ridden city.

Forty-five officers, hired since 2016 and put on patrol in the bay area “were flagged for not meeting hiring requirements, including missing fingerprints, proof of citizenship, graduation records, and incomplete psychological exams and background checks.

Joel Aylworth used to be a member of the San Francisco Police. He was invited to the Fox studio so he could “sound the alarm on the dangerous decline in vetting standards.” Things now aren’t the same as when he was on the force. “I was never allowed these things. I mean, the background process is very intense. It’s about a six month to a year process.

He’s flabbergasted by what he’s been hearing. “I mean, how does someone just say, ‘Oh, I don’t know how the psych eval got lost.‘ That’s impossible because that person has to tell your background investigator before you can go on. So how any of this is even possible? I have no idea.

Since nobody can actually read the rules, they make them up as they go along. Back in September, nearly “50 deputies in the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office were relieved of their police duties.

That happened because they all got “unsatisfactory” ratings on psych examinations. Nobody noticed until “a deputy who previously failed a psychological exam shot and killed a married couple.

Told to lower standards

The San Francisco Police Department started playing a “how low can you go” limbo game after being “consistently” told to “lower the standards” for new recruits.

At the academy, when I first got hired in 2013, we were running academies, five academies a year with 50 plus applicants. Now they are lucky to run three a year, filling that academy with 20 applicants. And the applicants they’re getting are absolutely atrocious.” That’s putting it mildly.

Ayleworth was canned from the police simply for refusing the COVID jab. He guesses “the SFPD has lost 40-80 officers with at least five years of experience over the mandate, leaving 90% of the department staffed by ‘junior‘ officers.

He still has friends on the force who tell him there are too many “officers who made it into the academy when they should not have, including an individual who was wanted by the FBI.

Police aren’t supposed to be on the wrong side of the law. It sort of defeats the purpose. “When it comes to integrity, if you don’t catch this in the academy, guess what? You’re going to see that manifest on the street. Then you’re going to see some scandal on the news.” You knew that.

The people that have higher standards and morals are not surprised. We’re shrugging our heads going, ‘We could have told you that.’

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