Tucker Carlson May Be Interviewing Vladimir Putin Very Soon…

Tucker Carlson has requested an exclusive interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Though rare for foreign media outlets, this would be a huge opportunity for both sides to gain greater exposure than ever before.

Carlson has “strongly” asked that Putin sit down with him and tell American audiences about his side of the nation’s ongoing war with Ukraine, his feelings about President Joe Biden, and his relationship with former President Donald Trump.

This request was made through Russia Today (RT), a pro-Putin international television network.

Should he choose to participate in the interview, it would benefit both parties immensely as they could both gain much greater exposure than any other cable TV network could offer them.

For example, last week’s interview between Carlson and Trump on X garnered millions more viewers than Fox News’s GOP debate – showing just how lucrative such an opportunity can be.

Moreover, this would also provide Putin the chance to explain aspects of his views which have been condemned by many in the international community since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine over a year ago – something which hasn’t been discussed in detail by any Western media outlet yet.

In addition to already having experience interviewing presidents as well as other world leaders such as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, Tucker believes he should get the chance because of what happened when he tried once before – according to him at least.

In a previous interview with CNBC anchor Hadley Gamble on the sidelines of the Russian Energy Week forum in Moscow in October 2021, Carlson claimed that the NSA intervened to prevent him from conducting a pre-invasion interview with Putin.

Consequently, due to all these events combined together Tucker feels like he deserves another shot at being granted access for such an exclusive interview.

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