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Wisconsin Families BARRICADED in Their Homes

There is a rather troublesome story coming out of Wisconsin.

It Is already bad.

However, it could get much worse once the snow melts.


A local tribe is revolting over roads that pass through their land.

The Lac du Flambeau of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians decided to start to barricade roads that cut through their land.

This has cut off some Wisconsin families without access to get out.

Now, this area is covered in snow right now, so people are using snowmobiles and other snow-friendly ways to get around the barricades.

When the snow melts, however, that will all change.

The kicker here is that the tribe has received millions in compensation for these roads.

Tribe President John Johnson stated, “As we have said before, this entire situation could have been avoided if the Town and the Title Insurance Companies would have negotiated in good faith.

“The Tribe feels for the property owners impacted by the actions of the Town and the Title Insurance Companies.

“In fact, we share in their frustration in dealing with government and lawyers, as well as the associated costs that add up quickly over a short period of time — much less over the 10 years that we’ve been trying to get this resolved with the Town and Title Insurance Companies.”

Right now, there are about 60 families impacted by these barricades.

Every one of them is hoping this gets rectified before the spring thaw.

Source: CBS News

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