Deadly and Hateful ‘Law’ Is Now SUPPORTED By This Big Name Store

We all know Sharia Law demeans women and even puts people of the LGBTQ+ community to death, yet the progressive left still wants us to accept it as if it isn’t the threat to western culture that it clearly is.

Muslims come into our country and slowly but surely start demanding certain Islamic rights that directly threaten the United States and its western culture.

What is so frustrating is that these radical demands are veiled in the form of liberalism. To promote ‘diversity.’ To be ‘accepting’ of all cultures. To increase religious ‘awareness.’

Sharia Law has a very serious and deadly calling: to either convert the world to Islam or kill those who refuse to bow down to Allah.

Unfortunately, mainstream America is choosing to play with fire when it comes to supporting Sharia. Liberals would rather sacrifice western culture and possibly the lives of Americans to prove their allegiance to Islam. And that is just exactly what one major retailer is doing.

From The Blaze:
Macy’s announced Wednesday the launch of a clothing line aimed at its Muslim shoppers, including dresses, tops, cardigans, pants, and hand-dyed hijabs.

The retailer partnered with the Verona Collection, which describes itself as Modern Islamic Clothing, to make the brand’s modest, ready-to-wear pieces available on the department store’s website, according to a news release…

“Through The Workshop at Macy’s, Lisa shared her vision to create a collection that speaks to a community of women looking for a solution to their fashion needs,” Cassandra Jones, senior vice president of Macy’s Fashion, said in the release.

What the heck is Vendor diversity? Could Macy’s act anymore pathetically politically correct?

In all honesty, any person who wants to come to America should be welcomed if they legally apply for citizenship, learn the English language, prove they have a valuable skill or trade, and embrace the western culture. This is not a hard ask since many countries, like Canada, demand these things and more for immigrants to become citizens. Becoming an American citizen doesn’t mean immigrants forget where they came from, but it should require them to renounce all that is un-American in their previous culture. They should honor their heritage by sharing the best of it with America and work to preserve and assimilate to the new culture they have entered.

Radical Muslims, who believe in sharia law, refuse to do that. And somehow the progressive Left is letting them get away with this.

It’s time for Republicans to stand up to this shady business, call out those who publicly support Sharia law, and stop those who follow Sharia to the letter from becoming part of American culture.

Featured Image Source H/T: The Blaze


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