White House WARNS Israel… This is SICKENING

Israel has refused to back down against Hamas, now squeezing Gaza.

However, it would appear that the White House wants Israel to back off.

Even though Hamas started this war by killing more than 1,000 innocent people, the White House is starting to cave to pressure from liberals due to the “humanitarian crisis” in Gaza.

Stop It or Else

This is what we have suspected would happen all along.

The Biden administration seems more worried about Gaza than it does the people of Israel.

To that point, the White House is now threatening the suspension of aid to Israel due to the volume of civilian casualties in Gaza.

Both Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Secretary of State Antony Blinken were sent to Israel again to relay this message to PM Netanyahu.

A senior Biden official stated, “The problem for [Israel] is that the criticism is getting louder, not just among their detractors, but from their best friends.”

Experts now believe that the clock is ticking for Israel to accomplish its objectives to rid Gaza of Hamas once and for all.

Based on the demands being made by countries like Iran and organizations like Hezbollah, it seems apparent that Hamas has taken significant losses, but it is clearly not completely eradicated.

The latest outrage was over apartment buildings in Gaza collapsing after an Israeli attack.

Israel, however, put the blame on Hamas for its underground tunnel system, which is what Israel says it targeted.

When the tunnel network was destroyed, Israel claimed that because the tunnels were directly under the apartments, the buildings collapsed.

To this point, Netanyahu has defied Biden’s requests, stating, “I made it clear that we are going with full steam ahead, and that Israel refuses any temporary ceasefire that does not involve the release of the kidnapped Israelis.

“Israel is not allowing fuel into Gaza and objects to funds being transferred into the Strip.”

My guess is that within the next week or so, Israel’s aid will be cut off by this administration, or at least the threat will be issued, to get Israel to back off.

This is something that would never happen if Republicans were in the White House.

Source: CNN

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