Hamas Coverup, Their Sickening Lies Exposed

Terrorist group Hamas has recently released a video titled Three Lies Currently Being Told About Palestine Refuted.” The video, posted online to their Telegram page, quickly gained traction and defends the barbaric acts  they committed on Saturday, October 7.

According to reports from The Gateway Pundit, Hamas had been planning their assault on the concert weeks in advance. What unfolded was truly heartbreaking. Terrified kids ran away in the desert as they were chased by Hamas killers who shot them dead without hesitation.

Videos circulated of these atrocities showing children fleeing for their lives while shots rang out all around them. It is impossible to put into words how devastating this attack was and how much suffering it caused innocent victims and their families alike.

In response to this mass-murdering of innocent victims which included babies, young children and elderly Israelis, Hamas posted videos on their Telegram page refuting what they deem “three lies currently being told about Palestine”. In doing so they are attempting to justify their actions and downplay the severity of what took place over the weekend.

One survivor even commented on how the video released by Hamas removed any sound – effectively hiding evidence that shots were being fired at running children from a concert venue.

It is sickening that anyone would attempt to cover up or downplay such horrific acts of violence – but sadly this seems to be part of Hamas’ modus operandi when it comes to dealing with criticism or condemnation over its actions against Israeli civilians over recent years.

It goes without saying that no amount of propaganda can erase what happened over the weekend or undo the immense suffering caused by these brutal attacks on innocent civilians.

Not only did these acts rob many individuals across multiple generations of loved ones but also forever changed countless more lives irreparably due to injuries sustained during this terrible attack.

Furthermore, Hamas’ continued attempts at justifying these horrible crimes have only prolonged both physical and psychological trauma among survivors.

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