Busty Well Endowed Lawmaker Catches Heat Over Her Outfit Choices…Can You See Why

Lawmaker Ana Paula da Silva, also known as Paulinha by locals, is turning heads for her outfit choices, rather than her policy ideas.

The Brazilian lawmaker chose to wear a rather revealing dress on her first day as a member of the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina’s Legislative Assembly.

Well Endowed Lawmaker Catches Heat Over Her Outfit Choices...Can You See Why?

Though most politicians receive criticism and abuse online for their policy choices and positions, this lawmaker is being attacked for her outfit.

The striking red dress that da Silva chose to wear left little to the imagination with its plunging neckline.

Some encouraged her outfit selection, but others questioned her choices, wondering if she had been out clubbing the night before and had just come to work without changing.

Some even decided to refer to da Silva as the “representative of prostitutes.”

Paulinha did not take the comments well, and has already threatened to take legal action against her trolls, stating that any financial benefit received from the lawsuits would be donated to charity.

Well Endowed Lawmaker Catches Heat Over Her Outfit Choices...Can You See Why?

Speaking with a local news outlet, the lawmaker stated, “I thought people were going to talk about the red, but they just focused on the cleavage.”

“Women have breasts and I have big breasts, I’ve always been like that,” she continued.

Paulinha added that just because she is a member of the assembly, does not mean she has to change who she is, stating that she will not “become another woman.”

“The message has been given. Women are in politics and society has to get used to it. There are much more important issues for the Legislative Assembly to discuss,” she continued.

Paulinha has continued to choose outfits that turn heads, despite the criticism.

Well Endowed Lawmaker Catches Heat Over Her Outfit Choices...Can You See Why?

  1. Her attire is totally unacceptable. She dresses like a hooker and it is just for gawking. She his pathetic. Is there not an appropriate dress code for the congress. I just imagine the men love this.

  2. Her outfit looks fine, she is making a Bold statement and seems to be a Bold person who doesn’t care if other people find her choice of clothing inappropriate for the Location. Her choice of color is really Eye catching if she’s trying to point out that there is a RED Tidal wave coming in the next 2 weeks, AMEN FOR THAT. I find some others Language to be more revolting and more disturbing than her Fashion Statement.

  3. Good for her. You go girl. If you don’t like it maybe your just jealous cuz you can’t measure up. We need to stop being so hung up on sexuality.

  4. Women politicians have to expose themselves to be women politicians says this women and people have to get use to it. Really, male politicians don’t expose their penis to be male politicians. This chick acts like a prostitute, it’s seems to be the only way she can get attention maybe because she has no ideas on how to run her country for the people. I have no idea how old she is, but she better put a bra on and cover up the fact that her breasts are already hanging down as if she is in her seventies. Wear a bra that supports or you will be old before your age and start expressing your political ideas instead of your drooping breasts unless of cause you are afraid to let your public know what your ideas are or that you have none. From another female and stop acting like you represent all women because you don’t. 99% of women save their body parts for their husbands not for all to see what you may or may not have. Women need to show their brains because despite the idea this woman gives of women, we women do have ideas, and, yes, physical attributes to go with our brains.

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  6. Are you kidding me ? This is inappropriate wear for ANY professional to wear unless you are a prostitute , which is exactly what she looks like .
    They allow this but have the nerve to ask completely inappropriate questions of Amy Coney Barrett ?
    Guess the men have no problem with this , I DO !
    There should be a dress code to adhere to .

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