Watch: Dan Bongino Puts Geraldo Right in His Place After He Attempts to Pander to the Woke Mob

Watch: Dan Bongino Puts Geraldo Right in His Place After He Attempts to Pander to the Woke Mob

During two different tense exchanges on Fox News, Dan Bongino and Geraldo Rivera argued about policing in America following the death of Daunte Wright.

Rivera, 77, a veteran newsman, went nuclear around 8 minutes into the conversation after Bongino accused him of pushing “a race narrative.”

“You just want to see the country burn,” Bongino, a conservative radio host, said to Rivera during a segment on Hannity.

“I want to see the country burn? You son of a bitch! I want to see the country? You punk! You’re nothing but a punk!” Rivera erupted.

The fight just got worse from there, with both commentators speaking over each other, trading insults.

“I know more than you! What do you know?” Rivera asked as he cited his thousands of hours covering policing issues. “What, did you have a 10-minute career as a cop? You’ve been running for office for the last 20 years.”

Bongino, who ran for office several times unsuccessfully after serving in the NYPD and the Secret Service, clapped back at Rivera, stating: “Geraldo, take a Valium. You really got to pipe down. My gosh, you’re a 70-year-old man!”

The conservative radio host also told Rivera that he should eat a “little bit of humble pie.”

“You just know what you’ve reported on,” Bongino continued. “I don’t pretend to be a journalist, I’m an opinion-maker. Stop pretending to be a cop.”

The argument between Bongino and Rivera was a continuation of a previous fight between the two on Hannity’s show on the evening of April 12.

“There’s a situation in this country now where, I swear to God and I’m speaking with deep experience, too many black mothers are more fearful of the police that they are of crooks when their sons go out,” Rivera said. “A 20-year-old should not end up dead because of an expired registration.”

During the argument, Bongino also said that Rivera was basing his claims about policing on going to dinner with a police captain — which provoked Rivera into shouting back, “Don’t start minimizing my experience!”

Watch the two video clips of their arguments here:


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