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Church Burnings in Canada Paved the Way for Church Attacks in US

Abortion supporters angered by the leaked Supreme Court opinion that revealed a coming reversal of Roe v. Wade targeted Catholic churches with vandalism and threats and sought to harass and intimidate worshippers. If they continue their anti-church campaign, and they probably will, they have an available blueprint in the outbreak of church burnings that happened in Canada last year. Ominously for the United States, Canada’s liberal government tolerated these attacks.

Leftists harass Catholics in NYC and LA

Smashed windows, graffiti, and thefts have been the worst damages suffered by Catholic churches so far, but the unrest is far from over and churches are still in danger across the country.

Protesters had to be removed after interrupting a Mass in Los Angeles and the tabernacle in a Texas church was stolen in an overnight break in.

A group of young men praying in front of a church in New York City were harassed by a mob of abortion supporters, one of whom grotesquely pretended to give birth and then kill a baby.

All of this is bad, but Canadian Christians learned last year just how bad it can get if this behavior is not stamped out early and the extremists are encouraged to continue.

Canada was rocked last year by a scandal stemming from the alleged discovery of mass graves of native children supposedly killed at residential schools run by the Catholic Church.

In response, more than a dozen churches were damaged or destroyed in arson attacks. Many of the targeted churches were historic structures where native Christians worshipped.

Church burnings based on a lie

Leftists largely ignored or justified the church burnings and no one has ever been arrested or charged in connection to the arson spree.

Of course, the anti-Catholic slander that sparked the outrage turned out to be largely baseless; the narrative of a Canadian genocide perpetrated by the Catholic Church became enshrined in the national consciousness anyway.

The alleged “mass graves” were never actually excavated and their existence was always pure speculation stemming from rumors and hysteria.

Unmarked graves were found at the residential schools, but not all of the buried individuals were children and they were not originally unmarked.

Wooden crosses marking the graves have rotted away over time, and the deaths were caused by common diseases of the time, including the influenza pandemic of 1918.

The churches were destroyed anyway, and the authorities only halfheartedly disavowed the arson. Canada’s government made it clear in 2021 that anti-Catholic hate crimes are acceptable; will the Biden administration follow that example in 2022?

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