Fox News Commentator Calls GOP ‘Party of Grifters and Kooks’

Despite the claims that Fox News pushes “far-right” news, the network continues to employ left-wing commentators that attack the GOP with baseless smears.

Fox News’ favorite Democrat commentator, Juan Williams, wrote an op-ed piece that has conservatives furious. In the piece, Williams discussed his time interviewing conservative icons William F. Buckley and Ronald Reagan, using the interviews as evidence in his claim that he has authority to critique today’s Republican Party.

“William F. Buckley once interviewed me. And I covered President Reagan for The Washington Post,” he bragged.

“At this point, Buckley and Reagan must realize their conservative movement has become a circus of grifters and con men,” Williams added.

“But don’t take my word on their disgust. Former Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) agrees,” he continued.

Using failed Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner as an example of a conservative, Williams cited claims made in Boehner’s latest book to prove his point.

“The best known Republicans on Capitol Hill today, Boehner writes in a new book, are not conservatives. Instead, the front rank of the party is filled by loudmouths willing to voice the wildest conspiracy theories,” Williams wrote.

“These pretend conservatives rake in money by being stars in what Boehner calls ‘Looneyville,’ the echo chamber of right-wing radio hosts and even further right websites,” he added.

This is typical for Democrats. They find the least-liked RINO in Washington, D.C., and hold them up as a true conservative. The biggest example of this is the mainstream media’s newfound love of Congresswoman Liz Cheney and Senator Mitt Romney. As Democrats idolize fake conservatives that spend their days fighting against conservative values, they also continue their attacks on true conservatives.

Williams also used his op-ed piece as a means to attack two freshman Republican representatives: Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, and Lauren Boebert of Colorado. In his attack, he claimed that they are the “Trump/QAnon class of 2020.”

Of course, nowhere in his article did Williams provide any evidence or clarification of his claims.

Williams’ full opinion piece can be read here.

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