Video: Kamala Harris Laughs it All Off Like It’s a Joke

Kamala Harris doesn’t seem to take her job very seriously, either that or her nervous laughs which border on an indicator of mental illness much like Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker. The woman who is one flight of airplane stairs away from the highest office in the world and she can’t seem to keep it together when faced with any thing but the softest of softball questions. This week she made news by breaking out in laughter at the suggestion that she would go to our southern border to investigate the ongoing crisis there.

According to TheConservativeOpinion, Harris responded “Not today,” and then laughed hysterically. Not exactly confidence inspiring from the person Biden just put in charge of managing the border crisis. A choice that Arizona Governor Doug Ducey called “the worst possible choice”. Ducey tweeted


“If President Biden’s intent was to show he’s taking the crisis at our border seriously, he’s actually done the complete opposite by selecting V.P. Harris to lead on this issue. He’s completely trivialized this issue by putting someone in charge that flat out, just doesn’t care.”

Laughs All Around, We’re All A Joke To Her

Back in October of 2020, then candidate Harris made waves by answering a very serious question levied at her by 60 minutes about her espousing and pursuing socialist views and policies with more inappropriate guffaws. This was an opportunity for Harris to demonstrate some leadership and articulate her policy stances and views before the election. Instead she took the opportunity to look into the camera and laugh in the faces of the American people deriding President Trump and his supporters at the same time. This is a habitual thing for the younger half of the Biden-Harris regime and arguable the person truly in charge at the White House and explains the moves we’ve seen from the regime a great deal.

As Doug Ducey put it Harris “flat out, just doesn’t care.”, she doesn’t care about Conservative views, opinions or goals. She doesn’t seek bipartisanship or compromise because the other side simply doesn’t factor into the equation. To her, the rest of America is laughable, derided, irrelevant to her designs. Whether she’s raising money to spring violent BLM or Antifa rioters from jail or laughing at herself smoking weed while locking up 1,560 people for marijuana possession , it’s all just a big joke to her.


You think the election was fraudulent and you have some convincing evidence you think should be heard? She doesn’t care. You know for a fact that the Biden-Harris admin’s policies are causing a flood of illegal immigrants to overwhelm our border? She laughs at you. You think it’s a bad idea to defund the police? Nobody cares what you think.

You know this, and she knows you know, she simply doesn’t give a s***. You don’t matter to her.

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