Leftist USA Today 'Journalist' Sh*tcanned

Leftist USA Today ‘Journalist’ Sh*tcanned

A leftist journalist from far-left news outlet USA Today has been fired after she used her professional Twitter account to promote disinformation about a mass shooting.

Leftist Fired

Hemal Jhaveri, a “race and inclusion” editor for USA Today, was fired after a Twitter exchange with Deadspin senior editor Julie DiCaro, in which Jhaveri wrote that the mass shooter in Boulder, Colorado, was a white man.

“Extremely tired of people’s lives depending on whether a white man with an AR-15 is having a good day or not,” DiCaro wrote.


Jhaveri responded to DiCaro’s tweet, writing: “it’s always an angry white man. always.”

Of course, even a quick glance at the name of the shooter, or his social media posts, would show that he is in fact a Syrian-born Muslim.

Trying to defend herself, Jhaveri described her tweet as “a dashed off over-generalization, tweeted after pictures of the shooter being taken into custody surfaced online.”


Immediately after the shooting, instead of doing any research, the left-wing media was foaming at the mouth about the evil white man, and how radicalized white people are in the United States, just as Jhaveri did. As soon as the news broke that the shooter was in fact a deranged anti-Trump Muslim, and had been sharing a lot of mainstream media articles on his social media accounts, the media went silent.

Jhaveri’s Response

In response to her firing, Jhaveri wrote a lengthy post on Medium, briefly noting that she felt “regret” for her “careless error in judgement,” but dedicating the majority of the post to a racist rant against white people.

“White USA TODAY reporters have been able to minimize racialized people in print, our white Editor-In-Chief was thoughtless about black face, and a senior politics editor (also white) showed disregard for journalistic ethics by hosting a tax payer funded reception for Trump appointees. All kept their jobs,” Jhaveri wrote.

To the majority of leftists, anything bad that happens is the fault of white people. This situation is no exception. Jhaveri barely takes responsibility for spreading disinformation, and instead says that her firing was due to “white supremacy” permeating the USA Today newsroom. According to the leftist journalist, all of the corporate press is “subservient to white authority.”

The ending of Jhaveri’s Medium post shows her true colors:

As a writer for The Federalist said, “This sentiment is representative of the cultural left’s insistence that everything outside its own radical worldview is necessarily bigoted and necessarily wrong. Thus, to Jhaveri, it isn’t bias, it’s as clear a moral position as opposing murder. That’s also why people like Jhaveri operate on much broader definitions of bigotry and ‘white supremacy’ than the general public. In their rigid progressive-or-bigot binary formulation, all disagreement embodies and perpetuates bigotry and must have no voice.”

The Bottom Line

Being a leftist means never having to take responsibility for your actions. The left believes that, even if what they say or do is wrong, it is for the “greater good.” If anyone calls them out, they are branded a bigot, because they are somehow fighting against the “greater good.” Instead of just focusing on trying to determine the motivations of the shooter, or discussing the victims, leftist “journalists” like Jhaveri focus on the shooter’s skin color. Even if he was just a white guy, why should that even be a main part of the story? Because the left is obsessed with race, and they want to divide the country along racial lines.

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