There’s Something They NEVER Told You About The Federal Reserve

It’s entirely understandable for someone to feel confused and overwhelmed by the learning about the structure, purpose, and function of the Federal Reserve.

And no matter how much you may have previously learned in school, I have no doubt there are some things you did not learn that they never wanted you to discover. Because after all, they only teach what they want you to know, not necessarily the truth.

Below is commentary from WLT that may have you considering what you wish schools had taught about the Federal Reserve System:

Once your eyes get open (red-pilled) to one thing, suddenly you start to look around and question everything and the more you look the more you realize that (to quote the Resident) “sonofabitch, they lied to us about almost everything!”

Nowhere is this more true than with the Federal Reserve Bank. I know when you hear about the “Fed” most people’s eyes tend to glaze over.

That used to be me. Until I realized the real story here, and it’s wilder than anything you’d see in a blockbuster movie at the theaters.

Here’s the short summary…

The Federal Reserve Bank is: (a) not Federal (it has no government control or true oversight — it is owned by a family of “elites”), (b) it has no Reserves — its flat broke, after it siphons off all your money, and (c) it is not remotely anything like a “bank”.

Good place to start, huh? Whenever they lie to you right upfront with the name, you know the rest of the lies are going to go REAL deep.

Let’s keep going…

“They” (the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and the other “elite” bloodline families) tried to get a Central Bank established in the United States from the very beginning.

It was strongly resisted by our wise Founding Fathers. In fact, we successfully resisted THREE attempts to add a Central Bank to the United States for almost 150 years.

And then…

And then came the Titanic. You didn’t really think that whole story was just a random sad accident, did you?

Nope – when you did in you realize that a significant portion of the people who were actively resisting a U.S. Central Bank were all invited to the maiden voyage of the Titanic….and then they drove the ship right into an iceberg field.

You know the rest of the story. The main opposition wiped out, we had our first Central Bank (The Federal Reserve Bank) immediately thereafter, beginning in 1913.

So, why did they fight so hard to get it in? Simple: money.

The “elites” like to make you think it’s so complicated no one could ever understand, but it’s actually not.

It’s very simple.

Here’s what they do…

They setup a Central Bank in your country and then they issue your money.  But here’s the catch: they don’t just issue it, they “loan” it to the big banks at 2% interest.  Those banks, in turn have to loan it out at greater than 2% to make a profit and on and on and on down the line until it reaches you.

Wonder why inflation always comes in cycles?

Because they can try to keep it down for a while, but inflation is MATHEMATICALLY programmed into the system from the moment they print the money and “loan” it to the banks.

You never recover from that. The idea that we could somehow ever “pay off the debt” is a mathematical impossibility when you are 2% in the hole from the very beginning.

And after you clip 2% a year off the entire world economies, for decades and centuries, and you compound that interest over and over, you can see how the “elite” bloodline families control everything.

And I do mean “everything”. See?

It’s really simple. Devious? Ethically wrong? Evil?

Yes, yes, yes.

But not complex, very simple.

WLT provides data dating back to the 1700s:

Oh, and for those of you who like data, let’s look at two charts…

This is the inflation rate of the U.S. dollar dating back to the 1700s.

Remember…the Federal Reserve was created in 1913 (see if you can find that on the chart and see what happens immediately afterward):

Now does it all make sense? With all of this in mind, feel free to check out these videos to get further information.



Additionally, here is a book on the topic: A Creature From Jekyll Island


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