Video: Joe Biden Loses it On Live TV…This Man is NOT Ready for 4 Years of Office

Joe Biden is well-known for his mishaps and declining mental abilities. One of his latest episodes happened when he loses it on live TV. 

Biden Babbles Again

The Democrat politician was incoherent multiple times before the election and it looks like it’s getting even worse post-election.

During the campaign, Biden has hidden away a lot of the time and the joke of him hiding in his basement made the rounds around social media.


While the election is far from over as the Trump administration continues to battle mass voter fraud, Biden has taken to the role of acting as “president-elect.” It is not going well for him, obviously as he continues to fumble over his words and regain his train of thought.

Teleprompter Freeze Causes Brain Freeze

In a recent speech, it appears that his teleprompter froze and his ability to speak seemed to freeze as well.



Slipping on your words is a natural thing that happens sometimes, but with Biden, it appears to be much more than just an occasional honest mistake.

Having signs of Dementia or becoming senile is not something to joke about, but it is something that appears to be the case for the former vice president.

Blunders Everywhere!

Some of his blunders include:

He said 200 million Americans have died from COVID.

“By the way, the 20, the 200 million, the 200,000 people that have died on his watch, they — have many of those and have survived?”

He called his wife his sister.

Biden  grabbed his wife’s hand and introduced her as his sister, saying “this is my little sister Valerie and I’m Jill’s husband.”

These are just a couple of the numerous errors he’s made in public. 

Many on the right have speculated that Biden is merely just a puppet that the Swamp chose to be their front person. When in fact, it could very well be Kamala Harris that they want to put in his place if he is sworn into office.

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