Biden Family Scrambling After THIS Was Leaked

The man who was brave enough to break apart Hunter Biden’s laptop and reveal what it had to say was interrogated relentlessly on Wednesday. John Paul Mac Isaac was grilled by really expensive lawyers working to shield the entire Biden family from criminal charges. Two people “familiar with the deposition” leaked to the press. If you can call “Axios” the press that is. Their reporting is sketchy at best.

Laptop repair man deposed

On Wednesday, May 31, one of the highest paid lawyers on the planet, Abbe Lowell, “deposed John Paul Mac Isaac, the Delaware computer repair shop owner who says Biden left behind a laptop in 2019 that later became public.” One of the crucial things that Axios leaves out of the tale is that Mac Isaac didn’t hand what he had over to just anyone. He handed it to the FBI. They sat on it.

He knew they were sitting on it, so gave another copy to Rudy Giuliani, at the time Donald Trump’s attorney. It went “public” from there. He was simply trying to do his patriotic duty and see apparent crimes brought to justice. At least, investigated properly.

Hunter Biden’s laptop from hell is the biggest thorn in the side of the Biden family right now. Enough of it has already been made public and authenticated that armchair sleuths can piece the puzzle together, even though the FBI keeps drawing over the pieces with a black magic marker.

The Biden family’s expensive team of lawyers is determined to “fight more aggressively against conservatives and those who spread his personal data across the Internet.” They can’t stuff the genie back in the bottle but they can try to contain it in a cage.

The cheaper, “discount” lawyers the Bidens were using before these came on the scene “largely did not respond publicly to media reports and Republican attacks concerning the laptop during the first two years Hunter’s father, Joe Biden,” was pretending to be president.

Their silence told everyone that the claims were legitimate. The lawyers don’t care if they are or not, the trick is to make them appear illegitimate no matter what.

Counter-sue the repair man

Mac Isaac started the legal fight by suing CNN, Hunter Biden and a few others for defamation back in 2022, after they ruined his life. Lowell counter-sued to get proactively in front of things. Nobody disputes that back in April of 2019, Hunter Biden dropped off his laptop for repair. When he did, he signed Mac Isaac’s standard contract.

The contract clearly states that in accordance with Delaware state law, if the item isn’t picked up by a certain time, it becomes property of the establishment. That’s exactly what happened.

To justify the megabucks he’s billing, Lowell is taking the position that “Mac Isaac only had a right to the hardware, not the contents of the hard drive.” That’s an interesting theory. It will be even more interesting to see what the judge thinks about it. Every lawyer knows that the law is never black and white on anything. Hunter’s laptop and it’s contents appear to have national security implications which may override other aspects. They certainly did for the repairman. He couldn’t let the crimes he saw go without telling someone.

Lawyers see it all as a vast range of grey which can be smudged back and forth by the particular facts and circumstances of the case at hand. That’s why both sides spend hours combing through old cases looking for ones which fit their particular set of facts. The idea is to “educate” the court on how other courts ruled under similar circumstances. That’s also why the vast majority of cases settle outside the courtroom.

In December, Hunter went behind his dad’s back and got a better lawyer. He needed one because his child support case is really screwed up. One of his baby mamas is asking for his financial records and he might have to hand them over or go to jail.

Lowell intends to get Rudy Giuliani in for a deposition on his role in the laptop scandal soon. Rudy’s name came up in the House Oversight Committee today, too. It seems that he’s the tipster who Chris Wray risked contempt of Congress over on Tuesday. Giuliani apparently clued in the FBI that Joe Biden was involved in the bribe of a Ukrainian prosecutor who had a hair up his nose for the company Hunter Biden was raking in heavy cash from. No wonder Abbe Lowell has it in for Rudy.

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