Step Aside AOC, We Have Your Replacement Right HERE

Step Aside AOC, We Have Your Replacement Right HERE

Radical leftist Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s replacement has arrived. A serious challenger has emerged for AOC’s reelection in 2022, someone who isn’t afraid to call out the socialist socialite for not doing her job.

Tina Forte, best known as the outspoken firebrand @RealTina40 on Twitter, is officially challenging Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in New York City’s 14th District.

Forte has begun her campaign with several videos posted to both of her Twitter accounts, one for her official campaign, and one personal account.

“It’s time to take out the trash in DC, AOC I’m coming for you and your seat! I’m ready to get my hands dirty and ‘DRAIN THE SWAMP’ once and for all,” she wrote.

Forte also called AOC out for her recent claim that the spike in crime in New York City is “hysteria.”

WATCH (Warning: Strong Language):

She also called AOC out for her blatant hypocrisy in claiming that she was “unable to physically attend proceedings in the House Chamber due to the ongoing public health emergency” while she was apparently able to attend indoor concerts maskless.

(Warning: Strong Language)

On her campaign’s official Twitter account, Forte shared a video about the destruction of New York City, calling on AOC to “come down and help us clean up our DISTRICT, it’s FILTHY!”

Tina Forte isn’t afraid to stand up for what she believes in, even if it means being politically incorrect and a little loud. She’s a true New Yorker, a businesswoman, and an American patriot. That’s exactly what New York City needs.

For a little more on her background, Forte’s website states:

“Growing up in Throggs Neck neighborhood in the Bronx, Tina has seen the best and worst New York City has to offer.  She learned the value of hard work from her Marine Corp father, and her mom a Bronx entrepreneur. Tina learned that through reverence for our flag and country and hard work in New York, you could achieve the American Dream.

As a private citizen, Tina has been a vocal activist in raising awareness for veterans, like her decorated father, so they receive the respect and care our heroes deserve by running multiple Spartan races carrying the Wounded Warrior banner.

Lately though, she has seen the worst of New York and New York City.  Radical socialist politicians who routinely degrade this Country and the Dream it represents.  They’ve vilified and defunded our law enforcement while cowering behind private security.  They’ve destroyed businesses, driven away jobs, and robbed children of more than a year of education and socialization.  They’ve caused a city-wide crime surge and are even writing books to tout their “accomplishments”.

Like millions of other New. Yorkers, Tina says: ‘Enough!’ She is taking her experience as a mom, grandmother, activist, business owner, and influencer to fight for the rights of the forgotten New Yorkers in NY-14.

Throughout the 2020 shutdowns, Tina has been on the front lines pushing for the re-opening of New York City.  She stood shoulder to shoulder with small businesses and restaurant owners trying to re-open on the protest line.  She pushed for school reopening for our kids and now demands that New York politicians unmask our children.  Her hashtag #UnmaskOurChildren trends on Twitter.  

She was part of lawsuits against Governor Cuomo and his cohorts to roll back the UNCONSTITUTIONAL executive orders that have destroyed our businesses and the lives of our children and teenagers for almost two years.”

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