You Probably Forgot About ACORN but They Didn’t Forget About You

You probably forgot all about Barack Obama’s radical vote creation brigade, ACORN, but they didn’t forget about you. In fact, they still hold a grudge for the way they were driven underground in America. Even though they’re forced to operate from the shadows, they still seem to get a lot accomplished. Bad Kitty Unleashed, otherwise known as “Pepe’s Grandma,” posted one of those tinfoil hat type posts on the social media platform formerly known as “Twitter.” The person lurking behind the account profile has some interesting observations.

ACORN never left

As Bad Kitty Unleashed Xed on August 15, “Breaking! The communists, ACORN, and rich billionaires took over our elections! Obama’s radical ACORN never left!” They seriously felt the pain of conservative wrath when Obama took charge.

As they explain on their website, “in the late 2000s, coinciding with the election of Barack Obama as the U.S. president, ACORN was the target of baseless right-wing attacks. While ACORN in the United States was damaged by these attacks, ACORN International continued to grow.” The New World Order loves them.

Bad Kitty suddenly realized that all the shady Obama era tricks are still being played. “The get out the vote registration/election efforts, lawsuits to counter election fraud claims, election changes, Zuckerbucks, and [compromised] poll workers” are all connected to ACORN offshoots.

Just because they don’t have the seed of an oak tree in their name, doesn’t mean they aren’t the same thing.

Project Vote/Voting For America “is now renamed to the Voter Registration Project and working in current elections.” You may remember that the biggest ACORN nut of them all, Barack Obama, was once a director at Project Vote.

They keep changing the name to protect the guilty. Karine Jean-Pierre is an alum of Project Vote, along with “Frances Fox Piven of ‘Cloward-Piven Strategy‘ fame.

Through hired contractors

Since the ACORN name brings nothing but trouble in the United States, they stopped using it and contract through third party affiliates. Ones like Soros Democracy Alliance and the Brennan Center.

FSOB Liberation Road allegedly teams their Mao/Lenin aligned communists with “The Advancement Project.” Brennan Center, Bad Kitty points out, “is connected to everything election related including Zuckerbucks.

Kitty goes on to describe how “the Soros Democracy Alliance partner, Brennan Center, is currently working closely with SV (State Voices) as part of a national Voter Enfranchisement Working Group, which includes the Lawyers’ Committee on Civil Rights, Advancement Project, and Project Vote.

ACORN may not use that acronym but they have more than 31 separate organizations doing exactly the same job.

Kitty sort of gets off on a redundant set of bullet points which shows she’s due for an adjustment of whatever cocktail her brain care specialist has her on currently but the ACORN website itself admits to what she accuses them of and more. “ACORN members achieved many victories around the world. Currently, we have ACORN affiliates on 5 continents and 15 countries, with over 250,000 members total.” The whole idea, they write, is simple.

That when individuals join together in community groups and unions, we are more powerful. When those community groups and unions join together into large organizations covering cities, countries, industries, and continents, we can have the power to change whatever we want to.” They’ll have you eating bugs before you know it.

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