Biden Just Tried to BLAME IT ALL ON TRUMP

We are almost two years into Joe Biden’s term, and he is still trying to point the finger at Donald Trump.

This time, Democrats are blaming the former president for schools staying closed over a prolonged period.

This is their response to reports that recently came out showing how detrimental the lockdowns were to our children.

Blame It on the Orange Guy

Dems have zero, and I mean ZERO ground to stand on here.

All we need to do is go back to July 2020 when Democrats were hammering Trump for pushing for schools to reopen…

Now, keep in mind, at this point, there were studies from overseas that showed COVID was not impacting kids.

The problem was that Fauci and company wanted their own data.

There was also the fact that teachers’ unions did not want to return to school, so the schools stayed closed.

Yet, when asked about the impact, this was Karine Jean-Pierre’s spin…

Oh, by the way, that money she referred to for schools, well, about 80 percent of it is still sitting on the sidelines, so that was basically a non-factor.

You should also consider that teachers’ unions sued Governor Ron DeSantis for reopening Florida schools before the teachers wanted to return.

Two groups are to blame for schools remaining closed so long: teachers’ unions and Democrats (who are owned by teachers’ unions).

Source: Daily Caller

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