UN Peacekeepers

UN Peacekeepers CAUGHT Red-Handed in Viral Video

An old video of a couple of rogue UN Peacekeeping forces is going viral again.

The video was dropped on Twitter as a way to support withdrawing funding from the UN.

The incident, however, took place in 2020.

What Are They Doing?

In the video, the UN SUV picked the wrong time to stop at a red light.

There is clearly some hanky panky going on in the backseat, with what appears to be another man sleeping up front.

Someone in a building above snatched the video when the SUV had stopped, and the people in the SUV paid the price…

The staffers, at the time, were immediately suspended.

After the initial video went viral, a UN spokesperson stated, “two male international staff members who were in the UN vehicle in Tel Aviv, have been identified as having engaged in misconduct, including conduct of a sexual nature.”

Stephane Dujarric, a spokesperson for UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, added, “Given the seriousness of the allegations of failing to observe the standards of conduct expected of international civil servants, the two staff members have been placed on Administrative Leave Without Pay, pending the results and conclusion of the ongoing OIOS investigation.”

I have never been a fan of the United States funding the UN or the WHO, both organizations which are just blatantly ripe with corrupt officials.

Biden, however, being corrupt himself, has no problem sending hundreds of millions of our tax dollars to these organizations.

Source: Times of Israel

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